What do I do if I smell gas from Washington Gas?

What do I do if I smell gas from Washington Gas?

Upon smelling natural gas, leave your building or location immediately. RESPOND: Call 911, and then the Washington Gas Emergency Leak Line at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427), selecting option 1. Emergency responders and Washington Gas will take action 24/7 to make sure you and the community stay safe.

How do I call Washington Gas?

1 (703) 750-1000
WGL Holdings/Customer service

What area does Washington Gas cover?

Washington Gas, a WGL Holdings, Inc. company, serves more than one million residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout Washington D.C. and the surrounding region.

Who owns Washington Gas?

WGL Holdings/Parent organizations
Washington Gas Light Company, an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of AltaGas, is a natural gas utility that serves more than one million customers in Washington, D.C. and surrounding regions in Maryland and Virginia.

Is it bad if I smell gas?

If You Smell Gas In Your House… Flames or sparks from these sources can trigger an explosion or a fire. Leave the area immediately! If you smell propane inside, get yourself and your family out of the home as quickly as possible. If you smell gas outdoors, leave the area with a similar degree of caution.

How do I get a hold of Washington Gas?

Start, Stop or Transfer Washington Gas Service Calling 844-WASHGAS (927-4427) to speak with a Customer Service representative.

How do I open a Washington Gas account?

You will need to call 844-WASHGAS (927-4427) and speak with a customer service representative to set up an account and have your meter set.

Does Washington Gas require a deposit?

We require at least 48 hours notice – excluding weekends and holidays – to start or stop your service. We may require a security deposit to open or maintain your service, depending on your payment record. Access to your home is required to start service and in some cases to stop service.

Why is Washington gas so expensive?

Why prices are so high “The latest price jumps are a direct result of February’s winter storm that took 26 U.S. refineries offline and pushed refinery utilization from an average of about 83% down to an atypical low of 68%,” AAA said. Crude oil costs make up about 50% of the retail price of gasoline, McGee said.

What means WGL?

WGL. Working Group on Liquidity (various companies) WGL. Working Group List (various companies) showing only Business & Finance definitions (show all 10 definitions)

Who is the CEO of Washington Gas?

Adrian P. Chapman (Jul 6, 2018–)
WGL Holdings/CEO
President and Chief Executive Officer, Randall Crawford welcomes Donald “Blue” Jenkins as Executive Vice President & President, Utilities and President, Washington Gas, effective December 16, 2019. Jenkins will succeed Adrian Chapman, who is retiring from the company.

How much is Washington Gas per therm?

Purchased Gas Costs

Dollars Per Therm*
May-2020 $0.4545 $0.4191
April-2020 $0.4545 $0.4191
March-2020 $0.3616 $0.3250
Feb-2020 $0.4061 $0.4008

How often does Washington Gas bill?

Your 12th monthly bill will reflect the last installment of your budget cycle, adjusted for the difference between actual and budgeted gas usage. Overpayments are credited to your account unless a refund is requested.

How much is gas in Washington state right now?

State Gas Price Averages

State Regular Diesel
Washington $3.840 $3.659
Wisconsin $3.018 $3.107
West Virginia $3.048 $3.257
Wyoming $3.448 $3.568

What is a WGL in banking?

WGL. Working Group on Liquidity (various companies) WGL. Working Group List (various companies)

Is Washington Gas publicly traded?

WGL Holdings, Inc., is a public utility holding company that serves more than 1 million customers in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia….WGL Holdings.

Type Subsidiary
Products Gas Utilities
Number of employees 1,444
Parent AltaGas
Subsidiaries Washington Gas WGL Energy WGL Midstream Hampshire Gas