What do you do if something is not delivered?

What do you do if something is not delivered?

Check the delivery address you gave the seller. Then contact them and ask where your order is. If the seller claims they’ve delivered it or don’t know where it is, you can ask for a redelivery. You might be able to get a refund in some circumstances.

Can I get a refund if not delivered on time?

If the delivery has taken more than 30 calendar days then you can legally cancel the contract and get a refund, regardless of whether the item was bought online or in store. If you’ve waited less than 30 days, your rights depends on how you bought the item.

How do I file a complaint against Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile complaint contacts like Phone, email and support form

  1. Complaint via Phone number : 1-866-402-7366.
  2. Call To Order: 855-223-2491.
  3. Complaint via Email :
  4. Complaint via Support Form : Boost Mobile Support Form.
  5. Boost Mobile complaint website : www.boostmobile.com.
  6. Tweet: boostmobile.

How can I talk to a Boost representative?

Please contact Boost Mobile Customer Care at 1-866-402-7366 if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter.

Are 1300 numbers free Boost?

1300 Numbers. Free pool 1300 numbers are nation-wide local call numbers where the caller is charged the cost of a local call. Free pool 1800 numbers are toll-free numbers and calls are free when calling from any Australian phone line, including mobiles.

How do I get my money back from undelivered goods?

If you paid for your non-delivered or late item by a debit card, contact the issuing bank and tell them that you want to use the ‘chargeback scheme’. If the bank authorises the request, they can request the seller’s bank reverse the payment and refund the amount back to your account.

How do I call Boost customer service?

You should call Boost ® Customer Care at 1-866-402-7366 1-866-402-7366 FREE as soon as you realize your phone is lost or stolen.

How do you increase your credit score with Boost?

Pay by phone: Dial #ADD (#233) Dial #ADD and follow the voice prompts to pay with your credit/debit card or redeem a Re-Boost® card. If you’re redeeming a Re-Boost® card be sure to provide the PIN found on the back of the card.

How much is Boost monthly?

The first line of unlimited data will cost you $50 a month but after that, each new line will cost just $30 a month (or $40 per extra line on Unlimited Plus).