What does a 12 month good behaviour bond mean?

What does a 12 month good behaviour bond mean?

A good behaviour bond is an order from a magistrate that a person be of ‘good behaviour’ for a specified amount of time, with or without other conditions. The bonds allow an offender to be released into the community rather than serve time in jail.

What is a Section 12 Bond?

Section 12 Suspended Sentence Repealed Under Section 12, a court could impose a suspended sentence and direct an offender to enter into a good behaviour bond. An order under this section may be made after a court has decided not to make a home detention order in relation to the sentence of imprisonment.

Does a spent conviction show on a police clearance NSW?

Spent convictions are also not shown on a criminal record check depending on what state the convictions occurred in. Generally, a spent conviction is a criminal offence which is older than five years if convicted as a child, or an offence older than ten years in any other case. Convictions for sexual offences.

What is a breach of good behaviour?

A good behaviour bond is essentially a promise to the court that you will be ‘of good behaviour’ and in the event you do anything, which is in breach of the bond, the court may re-sentence you for the offence you committed.

How do you know if you have an unspent conviction?

To find out whether your conviction is currently unspent, you can use our disclosure calculator. If you do have unspent convictions, the basic DBS check will give details of the date of conviction, the name of the court you appeared in, the offence committed, the date of the offence and the sentence received.

What type of Behaviour is considered as good Behaviour?

Orderly and lawful action; conduct that is deemed proper for a peaceful and law-abiding individual.

What does a 12 week suspended sentence mean?

A suspended prison sentence is the term given to a prison sentence imposed by the court, and then suspended (ie ‘delayed’). The court may decide to delay the prison sentence to allow the defendant a period of probation, or to undertake treatment for an addiction, or to meets conditions in the community.

What is a good behavior bond in Australia?

Under a good behaviour bond, a person who has been found guilty of an offence promises to be of good behaviour for a set period of time up to 3 years. During that time they may or may not be under the supervision of a community corrections officer.

Does a good behaviour bond stay on your record?

Section 9 good behaviour bonds come with a criminal conviction, and can last for up to five years.

What happens after a good Behaviour bond?

If you breach a good behaviour bond, you will normally be called back to court. The magistrate or judge will look at all the circumstances around what happened and decide what further action to take, if any.

What happens after a good behaviour bond?

When do you need a good behaviour bond?

Section 10 considers the “extenuating circumstances” of an offence, as well as the importance of expediency, and is exercised when determined that any other form of punishment would be ineffective. Section 12 guides the imposition of a good behaviour bond for an offender sentenced to less than 2 years’ imprisonment.

How long does a section 9 good behaviour bond last?

‘Section 9’ good behaviour bonds come with a criminal conviction and can last up to 5 years. A fine can be given in addition to a section 9 good behaviour bond.

What happens if you breach a good behaviour bond?

• A good behaviour bond is a court order which imposes certain conditions on an offender for a period of time. If they break these conditions they may be called to appear before a court. If a breach is established, the court may decide to take no action, vary or impose further conditions on the bond, or revoke the bond and proceed to sentence.

Can a Court revoke a good behaviour bond?

When this occurs the Court can: if the breach is trivial, or there is proper grounds for excusing it, the Court may not do anything or extend the bond period by up to one year, or vary or revoke conditions of the bond. See Sentencing Act 2017 (SA) s 114.