What does a Section 47 mean?

What does a Section 47 mean?

A Section 47 enquiry means that CSC must carry out an investigation when they have ‘reasonable cause to suspect that a child who lives, or is found, in their area is suffering, or is likely to suffer, significant harm’1. The aim is to decide whether any action should be taken to safeguard the child.

How long can a Section 47 Enquiry take?

The assessment must be completed within 45 working days of the receipt of the referral; The maximum period from the Strategy Discussion, where the decision was made to proceed with a Section 47 Enquiry, to the Initial Child Protection Conference is 15 working days.

Does a section 47 require parental consent?

The children who are the focus of concern should be seen alone, by the Lead Social Worker, subject to their age and willingness, preferably with parental permission (see Section 9, Parental Involvement and Consent). Explanations given to the child should be brought up to date as the Section 47 Enquiry progresses.

When can you revoke a placement order?

You can only ask the court to revoke the placement order before your child is “placed for adoption”. This means before your child moves to live with the prospective adopters, or if your child is living with foster carers who are intending to adopt, before that placement becomes a “placement for adoption”.

Can I refuse a section 47?

Social work support is only provided with the voluntary agreement of parents, and parents have the right to decline the offer of an assessment. When a sec 47 is carried out social workers are also permitted to obtain confidential information without consent.

Can I appeal a adoption order?

The birth parents will be told about the application for an Adoption Order but they can’t automatically contest the order. To legally oppose the order, the birth parents have to be given Leave to Oppose.

Can I refuse social services entry?

You have every right to refuse any social service people admission to your home. They would have to go away and get police assistance + court order (they would have to provide enough evidence to a judge it was an emergency, that your kids were at risk).

What is a Section 45 social services?

Police Protection Powers Under Section 45 of the Children and Young Persons Act 2001, where a police constable has reasonable cause to believe that a child would otherwise be likely to suffer significant harm s/he may: Remove the child to suitable accommodation and keep him or her there; or.

How do I get my residence order revoked?

If you want to change a residence order and the other parent agrees, you can apply to make these changes into a legally binding consent order. If the other parent does not agree, you will have to apply to the court to ask a judge to decide how to change the residence order.

Can a full care order be revoked?

A care order can be discharged. In order to discharge a care order the courts must be satisfied there is a substantial change of circumstances. The changes must be proved by a report.

What is a Section 48 social services?

Section 48 allows the Secretary of State, through regulations, to amend the sections of the Mental Health Act 1983 that deal with the approval of courses for approved mental health professionals in England. The Secretary of State may publish regulations regarding information and advice from Social Work England.