What does condition mean?

What does condition mean?

1 : something essential to the appearance or occurrence of something else especially : an environmental requirement available oxygen is an essential condition for animal life. 2a : a usually defective state of health a serious heart condition. b : a state of physical fitness exercising to get into condition. condition.

What does have a condition mean?

a particular mode of being of a person or thing; existing state; situation with respect to circumstances. 2. state of health: a patient in critical condition. 3. fit or requisite state: to be in no condition to run.

What is condition and example?

The definition of condition is the state something or someone is in or can also refer to a specific illness. An example of condition is a brand new sofa with no defects. An example of a condition is a harsh work environment. An example of a condition is a cold or the flu.

What is meant by condition in education?

Gagne (1985) defines conditions of learning as a whole set of factors that influence learning. Some conditions are external stimuli while other conditions are internal conditions. According to Gagne (1985) , internal conditions are states of mind that the learner brings to the learning task.

What is the use of condition?

Condition is used with an adjective and refers especially to the appearance, quality or working order of somebody or something: The car is in excellent condition.

What is another word for good condition?

What is another word for in good condition?

healthy fit
ok healed
well-nourished cured
mended uninjured
undamaged disease-free

What is the medical term for condition?

Medspeak. noun. (1) A patient’s current physical or mental status. (2) A disease or illness.

What is condition Short answer?

noun. a particular mode of being of a person or thing; existing state; situation with respect to circumstances. state of health: He was reported to be in critical condition. fit or requisite state: to be out of condition; to be in no condition to run. social position: in a lowly condition.

Why do we use conditionals in English?

Conditionals are extremely important in the English language because they help us express things that may happen in the present and future. Conditionals serve many purposes and take several different forms. They can be used to give advice, express regret and discuss facts, among other things.

What does in good condition mean?

Good Condition means fit for intended purpose, of satisfactory quality, not damaged and capable of any agreed standard of performance. Sample 2. Sample 3.

What is very good condition mean?

Used – Very Good: A well-cared-for item that has seen limited use and remains in good working condition. The item may show some limited signs of wear with small scratches or cosmetic blemishes.

What’s the difference between an illness and a condition?

Condition simply indicates a state of health, whether well or ill; a condition conferring illness might be further classified as a disease or a disorder—however, condition might be used in place of disease or disorder when a value-neutral term is desired.

What does the medical term IUM mean?

Combining form usually denoting a natural element (e.g., polonium).

What is a condition in coding?

Conditions – A state or situation something is experiencing. Conditionals Statements – A way for computers to make decisions based on conditions. If/Else – A common form of conditional statements in programming; tells the computer that if the condition is true, do this. Else, if the condition is false, do another thing …

What is 1st conditional?

Meaning. First conditional is used to talk about actions/events in the future which are likely to happen or have a real possibility of happening. If it rains tomorrow, I’ll stay at home. (I think there is a real possibility of rain tomorrow. In this condition, I will stay at home)

What is good used condition?

Good (G) describes the condition of an average used worn book that is complete. Any defects must be noted. Fair shows wear and tear but all the text pages and illustrations or maps are present. It may lack endpapers, half-title, and even the title page.