What does NMRA mean?

What does NMRA mean?

NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) The NMRA is the main organization in this country that is responsible for promoting the hobby of model railroading and sets the standards for measurements and specifies to manufacturers how certain products should be made so that they can be universally applied throughout the hobby.

What is the standard width of a railroad track?

The US standard railroad gauge (width between the two rails) is 4 feet, 8.5 inches.

What size track does model train gauge On3 run on?

While On30 accepts the compromise of HO gauge track, On3 uses O scale models that operate on (19.05mm) gauge track to replicate true three foot gauge. Hobbyists going this route were once required build their own track, but recently a line of turnouts and compatible flextrack has become available.

What is a railroad track gauge?

Track gauge[edit] Track gauge refers to the distance between the rails. The ridable track gauges range from 2 1 “2 in (64 mm) to 15 in (381 mm), the most popular being 3 1 “2”, 4 3 “4”, 5″, 7 1 “4” and 7 1 “2” (see Rail transport modelling scales).