What episode of PLL is the Halloween?

What episode of PLL is the Halloween?

“The First Secret” is the thirteenth episode of the second season of the American mystery drama series Pretty Little Liars and the 35th episode of the series overall. This episode is a prequel to the series’ pilot episode and is set on Halloween 2008, one year before the disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis.

Who were the Pretty Little Liars for Halloween?

The Zombie Baby Doll Stalker is an anonymous character in Pretty Little Liars. This character first appears in “The First Secret”, when “A” dressed in the costume to attack Alison. This character is revealed to have four known identities: Lucas Gottesman, Mona Vanderwaal, Garrett Reynolds and Charlotte DiLaurentis.

How many Halloween episodes are in Pretty Little Liars?

three Halloween episodes
There were three Halloween episodes in all, and putting them in order from “worst” to best is a lot easier than uncovering A’s identity. That said, there are some major spoilers for the series below, so tread lightly if you haven’t finished watching.

Who is the little girl Ashley Marin?

Alice is a character in the television series Pretty Little Liars on Freeform. She is portrayed by Miranda Carabello.

Who did Emily dress up as for Halloween?

1. Emily as Barbarella (with an assist from Paige as Marlene Dietrich)

Who did Aria stab on the train?

It was so long a go though that we could never hope to know…. Also, it was proven that Aria actually stabbed Wilden on the Halloween train so no idea where Jason got that wound or why that shadiness with Mona was happening.

Why did Emily and Spencer fight?

Big Plot Points to Remember: The girls got community service for obstruction of justice, because there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute them for murder. They are fighting—but it turns out it’s all a front to fool “A” into luring Emily out, since Emily seemed to be the weakest link.

Why is Ezra stalking Alison?

They main reason he started a relationship with her was to gain information about Alison because he was writing a book about her, a “true crime novel”. A flashback shows the time Ezra and Alison first met. He is mad at Alison for lying to him about her age.

Is there a Halloween special for Pretty Little Liars?

A special Halloween themed fan special, for the first time in PLL history. The cast answer all of the fans questions, giving you hints about A and the rest of Rosewood. This FAQ is empty.

What happens in the first episode of Pretty Little Liars?

The episode opens with Allison telling the story of two twin sisters and how kills the other, brutally. Perhaps it’s a nod to the original book series by Sara Shepard or, perhaps… it’s a huge, massive, blaring clue that A was CeCe.

Are there Easter eggs in Pretty Little Liars?

I think yes). As this whole entire episode is one giant flashback, the Easter eggs are aplenty. For instance, the clown mask in the Halloween store is the same one in Mona’s lair. Allison receives a voodoo doll with a note that says “It’s my turn to torture you,” which sounds pretty familiar to the torturing commencing in the opening of Season 6.

Who was the baby in the train in Pretty Little Liars?

Putting the pieces together in retrospect, it becomes clear that the other baby masked villain in the train was indeed CeCe. BOOM. The twin actress from Ali’s story last year is also back, but this time, it’s hinted that she’s a ghost.