What happens if I return from maternity leave pregnant?

What happens if I return from maternity leave pregnant?

You can go on maternity leave again if you get pregnant while you’re already on maternity leave. You don’t need to go back to work between your pregnancies. You’ll need to check whether you can get maternity pay a second time, but apart from that you have the same rights as during your first pregnancy.

Can my employer ask me when I plan to return from maternity leave?

Can my employer ask me when I will be returning to work after maternity leave? An employer can ask when you are going to return to work. It is advisable to provide as much information as you can, but you should not: Be put under pressure to provide information about when you will return before you are obliged to do so.

How do I handle returning to work after maternity leave?

14 ways to ease the pain of returning to work after maternity…

  1. Feel all the feels, but let go of guilt.
  2. Think about what you want.
  3. Get in touch with work early.
  4. Planning makes perfect(ish)
  5. Try a soft start.
  6. Know your breastfeeding rights.
  7. Expect setbacks.
  8. Know your child care rights.

Do I have to give notice of my return from maternity leave?

You do not need to give any notice of return if you are going back to work at the end of maternity leave. If you want to return to work before the end of your maternity leave, you must give your employer at least eight weeks’ notice to return.

Does maternity leave count as employment?

Your maternity leave does not break your continuity of employment, so you have the same right to take maternity leave and receive maternity pay as with your first pregnancy. If you do not return to work between your two periods of leave, this may have implications for your eventual return.

Do I get full pay on maternity leave?

When you’re having a baby, you’re entitled to a year of Statutory Maternity Leave – no matter how long you’ve been in your job. But while you’re entitled to 52 weeks off work, you’ll only get maternity pay for 39 of them if you’re eligible.