What happens when you get reported to social services?

What happens when you get reported to social services?

Reporting someone to social services is nothing to fear. The individual you report will never know that you are the one who made the call. Further, social services will not take any action against the person you report if they find no evidence of abuse or neglect.

Do social services tell you who reported you?

Within one working day of getting a report of concerns about child abuse, a local authority social worker should make a decision about what action is needed. They must all tell the person who has reported concerns what they will do. If they decide that further action is needed, they will start investigations.

Is reporting someone to social services anonymous?

Reporting a concern Speaking up can make sure that child gets help as soon as possible. The sooner you contact your local children’s social care duty team, the quicker they can act. They’re available 24 hours a day, and can make an anonymous report if that feels safer.

How does social services investigate abuse?

Usually, an investigation involves social workers meeting with the parents and other professionals involved with the family, for example, the child’s teacher or doctor. In very serious cases, the social workers may start making enquiries before they let the parents know.

What do social workers look for?

Typically when a social worker visits your home, they are looking for any safety hazards and whether or not you have enough space for the child. For example, if you have a pool, they would want to see a fence around the pool or a locked pool cover so that children can’t get in without supervision.

Why do social workers come to your house?

In most cases, social worker visitations are performed to provide supervision to families who have been separated due to abuse, neglect, abandonment or drug and alcohol abuse. Social workers who work in child welfare settings are probably the most common providers of visitation services.

What happens if you refuse a social services assessment?

Even if a child assessment order is granted, the child is allowed to refuse to be assessed if they understand enough to make an informed decision. But a refusal could cause the local authority to be concerned about the child and they could then apply for a care order.