What is a bridge in writing examples?

What is a bridge in writing examples?

For example, the bridge sentence of an introductory paragraph is typically found between the ‘hook’ and the thesis statement. The hook is crafted to draw attention, while the bridge sentence is used to slowly introduce the thesis statement to readers.

What is a sentence for bridge?

Bridge sentence examples. Within two hours, the bridge was passable. The 1862 bridge burned and was painstakingly replaced in 2001. “We.ve crossed this bridge before,” she assured her.

What is the meaning of bridge?

1 : a structure built over something (as water, a low place, or a railroad) so people can cross. 2 : the place on a ship where the ship is steered. 3 : something that joins or connects : something like a bridge the bridge of the nose a bridge between cultures.

What’s the use of bridge?

Uses of Bridge Bridges connects two or more different LANs that has a similar protocol and provides communication between the devices (nodes) in them. By joining multiple LANs, bridges help in multiplying the network capacity of a single LAN. Since they operate at data link layer, they transmit data as data frames.

How do you describe a bridge?

Here are some adjectives for bridge: narrow and tottering, visible two-way, still water-filled, continuous and well-fortified, supratendinal, open subconscious, again reconstructed, stripped-down, single-level, wooden bouncy, broad intercontinental, endless imperial, royal canal, small and elegantly spare, elegantly …

What are the different types of bridge?

Truss bridge.Cable-stayed bridge.Suspension bridge.Covered bridge.Military bridge.Movable bridge.Pontoon bridge.Viaduct.

What type of bridge is the weakest?

beam bridge

What are the 7 main types of bridges?

What are the 7 main types of bridges?Beam Bridge.Truss Bridge.Cantilever Bridge.Arch Bridge.Tied Arch Bridge.Suspension Bridge.Cable-stayed Bridge.

What is the best type of bridge?

Truss bridges

What is the most expensive type of bridge to build?

suspension bridges

What type of bridge can support the most weight?

arch bridge

How do you make a strong bridge?

While connecting two sides, make triangles. If you really have time and want your bridge to be very strong, you may also divide each triangle to 3 smaller triangles. This will give additional strength to your bridge. You may also glue additional strips of pasta over the roadway.

What type of bridge is the easiest to build?

Arch bridges

What holds a bridge up?

Pile: A pile is a vertical support structure that’s used, in part, to hold up a bridge. It can be made of wood, concrete, or steel. A pile is hammered into the soil beneath the bridge until the end of it reaches the hard sub layer of compacted soil or rock below.

What is the strongest bridge shape?

catenary curve

What is the weakest geometric shape?


Which is strongest shape?