What is a connector in an essay?

What is a connector in an essay?

What are connectors in English used for? Connectors or linkers can help you join two or more ideas (sentences), allowing you to have a more structured and harmonious delivery. Instead of using single sentences, you can connect them in a logical way.

What are examples of connectors?

Improve Your English Fluency by Using 6 Types of ConnectorsSentence connectors are linking words that are used between two separate ideas or sentences. if so, if not, otherwise.as a result, because of this, consequently, so (that), such (that), therefore, hence, thus.namely, that is to say, in other words.when, after, while, once, since, ever since, as soon as, etc.

What are some transition words for an introduction?

Page 1TRANSITIONS/ INTRODUCTIONS. Transitional words increase clarity and provide a logical connection between clauses and sentences. Comparison. Although. Example. For example. Addition. Also. Contrast. Alternatively. Cause/Effect. As a result. Time/Relativity. First. Summary. Finally.