What is a counter argument in an argumentative essay?

What is a counter argument in an argumentative essay?

A counter-argument is an argument opposed to your thesis, or part of your thesis. It expresses the view of a person who disagrees with your position.

What is the definition of counter argument?

A counterargument is an argument that is issued in response to someone else’s argument to show that the original claim is somehow incorrect.

What does it mean when someone says they are not opposed?

not opposed. Plain and simple meaning. It means to not be against something. To go along with it. to where opposed would mean that you are against something like something someone wants you to do something.

How do you use opposed?

—used to refer to something that is different from what has just been mentionedThe car gets 30 miles per gallon, as opposed to last year’s model, which got only 25. They use fresh fish, as opposed to fish that has been frozen. I’d say she is a good player, as opposed to a great one.

Is as opposed to grammatically correct?

You use as opposed to when you want to make it clear that you are talking about one particular thing and not something else. We ate in the restaurant, as opposed to the bistro.

What is the opposite of opposed?

oppose. Antonyms: aid, abet, back, support, advance, expedite. Synonyms: withstand, resist, mutch, obstruct, confront, oppugn, bar, hinder, contravene, check, thwart.

What are synonyms for Opposed?

Synonyms forattack.defy.deny.disagree.face.fight.prevent.resist.

What would be a good synonym for opposes?

Some common synonyms of oppose are combat, resist, and withstand.

What is in favor of means?

supporting a person or something such as an idea or a proposal. All those in favor of the motion, please raise your hands.

What is another word for in favor?

“One beneficial effect of this curatorial decision was to emphasize that Palermo never gave up representation in favor of abstraction.”…What is another word for in favor of?favorableUSadmiringproconcurringcorroborativeconfirmingsympathetic toin favour ofUKon the side ofresponsive to97

What is the opposite of in favor?

Antonyms for in favor of impossible. unlikely. unreasonable. implausible. inapt.