What is a tributary of the azygos vein?

What is a tributary of the azygos vein?

The azygos vein has two tributaries, which are referred to as the hemiazygos vein and the accessory hemiazygos vein. The hemiazygos vein is often connected to the left renal vein.

What does the accessory azygos vein drain?

Anatomical terminology The accessory hemiazygos vein, also called the superior hemiazygous vein is a vein on the left side of the vertebral column that generally drains the fourth through eighth intercostal spaces on the left side of the body.

Where does the azygos vein empty?

superior vena cava
The azygos vein is a vein running up the right side of the thoracic vertebral column draining itself towards the superior vena cava.

Where does the accessory azygos vein drain?

The azygos vein drains into the superior vena cava.

What is the purpose of the azygos vein?

It is responsible for draining the thoracic wall and upper lumbar region via the lumbar veins and posterior intercostal veins 1. It also provides important collateral circulation between the superior and inferior venae cavae should they become obstructed 2.

What is unique about the azygos vein?

Azygos vein is the vein that drains the venous blood from the upper part of the posterior abdominal wall and the thoracic wall. It is very important for the reason that it connects the superior vena cava with the inferior vena cava, and it has very few to no valves.

Is azygos vein normal?

IVC interruption with azygos or hemiazygos vein continuation is considered to be a rare congenital anomaly. The estimated prevalence is 0.6% to 2% in the presence of congenital heart disease (CHD) and less than 0.3% in otherwise normal fetuses.

Do horses have a left azygos vein?

A complete left cranial vena cava (LCVC) was found in a normal horse. The azygous vein was normally distributed on the right side of the thoracic vertebral bodies but passed ventral to the aortic arch to empty into the cranial vena cava on the left close to the origin of the aortic arch.

What is the meaning of azygos?

Azygos (impar), from the Greek άζυξ, refers to an anatomical structure that is unpaired. This is relatively unusual, as most elements of anatomy reflect bilateral symmetry.

What is the importance of Thoracoepigastric vein?

The thoracoepigastric vein provides a communication between the superficial epigastric vein and the lateral thoracic vein as it ascends superficially on the anterolateral chest and abdominal wall.

Why is azygos unusual?

Which veins drain directly into azygos vein?

The azygos vein receives the lower eight right-sided posterior intercostal veins, as well as the bronchial veins from the right lung. It is joined by the right superior intercostal vein superiorly.