What is a Worthing Hospital called?

What is a Worthing Hospital called?

Worthing Hospital is a medium-sized District General Hospital (DGH) located in Worthing, West Sussex, England. It is managed by University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust….

Worthing Hospital
Opened 1829
Website www.uhsussex.nhs.uk/hospitals/worthing-hospital
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How many beds does Worthing Hospital have?

570 beds
Worthing Hospital has approximately 570 beds and provides a full range of general acute services including, maternity, outpatients, A&E and intensive care.

How old is St Richards Hospital?

83c. 1938
St Richard’s Hospital/Age

When was St Richards Hospital Chichester built?

St Richard’s Hospital/Founded
History. The original building at St Richard’s Hospital was built in 1938-9 by West Sussex County Council. It had 194 beds for elderly and infirm people, but at the beginning of the war in 1939, the Government declared it an Emergency Medical Service General Hospital.

Is Worthing hospital car park free?

Is there Free Parking at Worthing Hospital? Yes! The first 15 minutes of car Parking at Worthing hospital is free; then there are charges. Motorcycles have a flat rate of £1 for any period of time.

How many wards are in Worthing Hospital?

We are a 26 bedded ward, of 4 bays of 5 / 6 patients and 3 isolation rooms. On Castle, we provide an exceptionally high standard of care for a wide variety of conditions encompassing; Diabetes, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Neurology and vascular.

How many beds does Chichester hospital have?

Chichester is in the top 40% of least deprived areas in the country. The hospitals provide 953 inpatient beds which include 77 maternity beds and 32 critical care beds.

What does Worthing Hospital Specialise in?

We strive to deliver the highest standards of care within medicine and predominantly specialise in renal, oncology and haematology although we are classified as a general medical ward.

How much is it to park in Worthing Hospital?


Time Charge
up to 15 mins Free
up to 1 hour £1.30
up to 2 hours £2.60
up to 3 hours £4.30

Where is the best place to park in Worthing?

Morrisons Worthing. 287 spaces. 4 minto destination.

  • Worthing Station. 120 spaces. £5.952 hours.
  • Civic Centre. 186 spaces. 9 minto destination.
  • Lidl. 50 spaces. 11 minto destination.
  • Union Place. 183 spaces. 13 minto destination.
  • Waitrose. 252 spaces. 15 minto destination.
  • High Street Surface. 47 spaces.
  • Montague Centre. 120 spaces.
  • Is Chichester nice place to live?

    Voted by The Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in the South East in 2020, Chichester is a cathedral city abundant in history and culture. With a flourishing cultural scene, trendy bars and restaurants, plenty of shops and the Goodwood Estate nearby, Chichester is a prestigious place to call your home.

    When did the Worthing Hospital change its name?

    The Worthing Infirmary and Dispensary moved to the current site in Lyndhurst Road in 1882 and was given the name Worthing Hospital in 1902. The new East Wing was opened by Princess Anne in 1998. [2]

    Is there a hospital in Worthing West Sussex?

    Worthing Hospital is a medium-sized District General Hospital (DGH) located in Worthing, West Sussex, England. It is managed by Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

    Is there a mental health unit in Worthing?

    Meadowfield Hospital, formerly Swandean Hospital, is a mental health unit based in an 1865 house in High Salvington. It was opened as an isolation hospital in 1897 and later became a geriatric unit. There is another mental health unit at Greenacres, near Worthing Hospital.

    When was the Worthing Infirmary and dispensary built?

    A larger building opened in 1846 on Chapel Road, and was given the name “Worthing Infirmary and Dispensary” after an enlargement in 1860. In 1881, the first part of what would become Worthing Hospital was opened: an 18-bed facility was built on a former plant nursery on Lyndhurst Road, northeast of the town centre.