What is an AVO charge?

What is an AVO charge?

An AVO or Apprehended Domestic/Personal Violence Order is an order from Police and/or the courts prohibiting certain behaviour with the aim of to protecting the Person in Need of Protection (PINOP).

What happens when you receive an AVO?

When an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is made, the defendant does not get a criminal conviction or a criminal record. If the Order is revoked (cancelled), the defendant can get their firearms licence back only if they are considered to be a fit and proper person to have a firearms licence.

An AVO is an Apprehended Violence Order. It is an order to protect victims of domestic violence when they are fearful of future violence or threats to their safety. They are sometimes called restraining orders or protection orders.

How much is the fine for common assault?

Common assault has a maximum penalty of six months imprisonment and / or a fine. If the offender is being charged for the first time a custodial sentence is unlikely and a fine is the usual punishment.

What sentence can you get for common assault?

The maximum sentence allowed by law for common assault is six months imprisonment, and cases can only be heard in the magistrates’ court. If the assault is racially or religiously aggravated, the maximum sentence is two years imprisonment and cases can be heard in the Crown Court as well.

What are the charges under the AVO Act?

Police took out a provisional AVO or apprehended violence order. He was charged with Common Assault (Domestic Violence Related) pursuant to section 61 of the Crimes Act 1900 and Stalk/Intimidate (Domestic Violence Related) pursuant to section 13 of the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007.

Can a police AVO be withdrawn on an assault charge?

Assault charges and police AVOs can be withdrawn if you (or your lawyer) are able to convince police that there are good reasons to do so.

What makes an AVO a serious criminal offence?

A serious offence may include: a domestic violence offence or an attempted domestic violence offence stalking or intimidation with the intention of causing the victim to fear physical or mental harm sexual touching. If you have been charged with a criminal offence and served with an AVO, the police may:

What’s the maximum penalty for false AVO application?

The maximum penalty is 7 years imprisonment. And under section 49A of the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007, it is a criminal offence to make a false or misleading AVO application if you know that it is false. The maximum penalty for that offence is 12 months imprisonment and / or $1,100 fine.