What is an intervention order in Victoria?

What is an intervention order in Victoria?

An intervention order is a court order made by a magistrate. It can help protect you and your family from anyone who is violent or makes you feel unsafe. There are two types of intervention orders: A family violence intervention order helps to protect you from a family member who is violent to you.

What is the difference between an AVO and a restraining order?

An AVO is an Apprehended Violence Order. It is an order to protect victims of domestic violence when they are fearful of future violence or threats to their safety. They are sometimes called restraining orders or protection orders.

Can you get a restraining order changed?

If you intend to apply to the court to revoke or vary a restraining order, you will need to prove that a change of circumstances has occurred. If everything has remained the same, then it is unlikely that the court will be willing to adapt or dissolve the order. A change of situation is case-specific.

Can a family member apply for an intervention order?

If the conditions of a family violence intervention order are difficult to live with, a protected family member or a respondent can apply to the court to change the conditions of the order. For more information about living with an intervention order see:

What is a family violence intervention order ( fvio )?

A court order to protect a person, their children and their property from a family member, partner or ex-partner. A family violence Intervention order (FVIO) may be known as a domestic violence order (DVO), intervention order, protection order, family violence order (FVO) or a violence restraining order (VRO) in other states and territories.

What are the conditions of an intervention order?

Intervention Orders contain conditions aimed at preventing future violence, such as making it illegal for the offender to enter or come near the survivor’s home. The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 covers physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and financial abuse.

How does a final intervention order work in Victoria?

It has the same effect as a final intervention order. A magistrate can make a final order after they have heard the evidence at a contested hearing. The magistrate must be satisfied that the respondent has used family violence and is likely to do so again.