What is body corporate apartment?

What is body corporate apartment?

What is a Body Corporate? This is the managing body which administers common property or common areas in multi-unit developments. Common property or common areas can include things such as the driveway, facilities, foyer and stairwell, gym, pool or any other common area in the building.

Who is the body corporate of a sectional title?

Trustees are members of the body corporate who are appointed, on a voluntary basis, to manage the sectional title and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is up to the trustees to ensure that rules are followed, levies are paid and that the sectional title scheme does not get into financial difficulties.

What powers does a body corporate have?

Roles of a Body Corporate The body corporate is given powers under the legislation to carry out its necessary duties. The body corporate: maintains, manages and controls the common property on behalf of owners.

When does an apartment have a body corporate?

Units, apartments and townhouses operating under a community title scheme (sometimes also known as ‘strata title’) have a body corporate established to administer the common property of the complex on behalf of its owners (see: Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 ).

How to find out which module applies to body corporate property?

To find out which module applies to the scheme where you are purchasing, contact the Titles Registry. The body corporate is responsible for maintaining the common property and in some situations certain elements of a building that are not common property.

What can a body corporate do for a property?

A body corporate may decide to engage or employ an on-site manager to: arrange for contractors to carry out maintenance and other work on the common property of the residential complex arrange for short term property rentals. Under the BCCM Act, resident managers are engaged by the body corporate under a contract for service.

Is the body corporate balcony considered common property?

Waterproof membranes are also contained within the lot. However, Regulations require the body corporate to maintain in good order roofing membranes that are not common property but that provide protection for lots and / or common property. That includes balcony waterproof membranes.