What is dhanusa famous for?

What is dhanusa famous for?

Dhanusha district is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in Nepal for the Hindus as it is the land of birth of Sita, wife of Lord Ram and the structure that once was the palace of King Janak is now a temple known as Ram Mandir.

Is Janakpur in India or Nepal?

Janakpurdham or Janakpur (Nepali: जनकपुर, Nepali pronunciation: [d͡zʌnʌkpur]) is a sub-metropolitan city in Dhanusa District, Province No. 2, Nepal. The city is a hub for religious and cultural tourism. It has been declared as the temporary capital for Province No….Janakpur.

Janakpurdham जनकपुरधाम
Website janakpurmun.gov.np

What is the headquarter of dhanusa?

Dhanusha District is a district of Janakpur Zone, administrative headquarters of Dhanusha district is Janakpur, situated in Central Development Regionof Nepal.

Who is the Chief Minister of Province No 2?

Lalbabu Raut
Province No. 2

Province No. 2 प्रदेश नं० २
• Body Government of Province No. 2
• Governor Hari Shankar Mishra
• Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut (PSP-N)
• High Court Janakpur High Court

In which province does sarlahi lies?

Province No. 2
Sarlahi District

Sarlahi District सर्लाही जिल्ला
Country Nepal
Province Province No. 2
Admin HQ. Malangwa

How many Municipality are there in Saptari?

nine municipalities
There are nine municipalities in Saptari: Dakneshwori, Rajbiraj, Bodebarsain, Hanumannagar Yoginimai, Kanchanrup, Saptakoshi, surunga, Shambhunath and Khadak.

Is Sitamarhi birthplace of Sita?

Sitamarhi – The Birthplace of Sita. Sitamarhi, in the state of Bihar, owes its prominence primarily to the epic Ramayana and one of its central figures, Sita, the wife of Rama and an incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. The town’s Janaki Mandir is the most prominent shrine dedicated to Sita.

What are the 14 zones of Nepal?

Zones of Nepal

Region Zone Area (km²)
Bagmati 9,428
Narayani 8,313
Western Gandaki 12,275
Lumbini 8,975

In which region does Gorkha lies?

Western Development Region
Gorkha District is a district of Gandaki Zone, administrative headquarters of Gorkha district is Gorkha, situated in Western Development Region of Nepal.

Which dry valleys lie in Gandaki province?

The first, via Thorangla, Muktinath, and Mustang to Lhasa—a journey that takes four days; the second via Naur Khola and Naurgaon, which takes five days to Lhasa; and finally the third via Larkiya bazar, which is the one most commonly used by the people of Central Nepal.

Which is the biggest province of Nepal?

Karnali is the largest province of Nepal with an area of 27,984 km2 (10,805 sq mi).