What is local government redundancy?

What is local government redundancy?

Definition of redundancy particular kind, or for employees to carry out work of a particular kind in the place where they were so employed, have ceased or diminished or are expected to cease or diminish.

What happens to my local government pension if I am made redundant?

If you lose your job because of redundancy or business efficiency, provided you are aged 55 or over and you meet the 2 year vesting period, your main benefits are payable immediately without any early retirement reductions.

What are the government guidelines for redundancy?

Redundancy pay is based on your earnings before tax (called gross pay). For each full year you’ve worked for your employer, you get: up to age 22 – half a week’s pay. age 22 to 40 – 1 week’s pay.

What is the time scale for redundancy?

There’s no time limit for how long the period of consultation should be, but the minimum is: 20 to 99 redundancies – the consultation must start at least 30 days before any dismissals take effect. 100 or more redundancies – the consultation must start at least 45 days before any dismissals take effect.

Will redundancy affect my pension?

If you have a defined benefit pension, you won’t usually be able to put any of your redundancy payment into the pension. If you have a defined contribution pension, it might be possible to put part of your redundancy payment into that pension.

Can you be made redundant while your job still exists?

Can I be made redundant if my job still exists? Redundancy is only allowed if there’s no longer a need for the role to exist, and it certainly isn’t legal for you to be made redundant only for your job to be taken by someone else shortly after you’ve been made redundant.

Is LGPS a good pension?

The LGPS is a tax approved, defined benefit occupational pension scheme set up under the Public Services Pensions Act 2013. The benefits under the scheme are based on your Career Average Re-Valued Earnings (CARE) from 1 April 2014. It is very secure because the benefits are set out in law.

How do I feel better after redundancy?

We’ve put together some ways to look after your mental health during the redundancy process.

  1. Know your rights. If you are made redundant, it’s important to know your rights.
  2. Take stock of how you’re feeling.
  3. Manage your money.
  4. Coping with uncertainty.
  5. Keep busy, or take some time off.

When can I draw my LGPS pension?

When can I retire and draw my LGPS pension? You can choose to retire and draw your pension from the LGPS at any time from age 55 to 75, provided you have met the 2 years vesting period in the scheme. The Normal Pension Age in the LGPS is linked to your State Pension Age (but with a minimum of age 65).

How much pension will I lose if I retire early?

The pension scheme reduces the annual rate of pension by five per cent for each year if a pension is taken early.

What is the government minimum for redundancy?

For each full year you’ve worked for your employer, you get: up to age 22 – half a week’s pay. age 22 to 40 – 1 week’s pay. age 41 and older – 1.5 weeks’ pay.

Where can I find information about redundancies in local government?

There is more detailed information in UNISON: Fighting redundancies in local government, which you can find on our website www.unison.org.uk/catalogue/22674 What is redundancy? Redundancy is a form of dismissal from your job because the job itself is no longer needed.

Can a council employee be made redundant at 55?

Previously, under the Local Government Pension Scheme, those aged 55 and over would receive their accrued pension immediately in full if such a top-up payment was made. The previous requirement that council employees made redundant over this age would be required to take early retirement is set to be jettisoned.

When to meet with trade union representatives about redundancy?

If there are more than 20 people at risk, then employers should also meet with a trade union or an elected employee representative, as part of a collective redundancy consultation.

Why are public sector officers being made redundant?

Concern has been expressed about officers made redundant in the coming months facing a “major injustice” as a result of Treasury plans to implement restricted public sector exit payments before a consultation on adapting the proposal for local government has concluded.