What is Period person years?

What is Period person years?

Period person-years lived (PPYL) • Person-years is the sum of each individual’s time at risk. of experiencing an event (e.g. birth, death, migration) – For those who do not experience event, person-years is the. sum of time until end of period.

What is person years at risk?

Person-time is an estimate of the actual time-at-risk – in years, months, or days – that all participants contributed to a study. In certain studies people are followed for different lengths of time, as some will remain free of a health outcome or disease longer than others.

What is a person Week?

Person Week means the equivalent of one person working a minimum of thirty (30) hours per week (where the post involves working less than thirty (30) hours per week (subject to a minimum of sixteen (16) hours per week) then the hours worked may. Sample 1.

Why do we use person years?

Person years and person months are often used as a measurement of time in studies that analyze their data using Kaplan-Meier curves. 1 This is also known as “survival analysis.” Survival analysis allows scientists to estimate how long it takes for half of a population to have undergone an event.

What is population at risk?

The population at risk is the population that is exposed to the occurrence of a vital event, for example, the total population in the case of deaths, the legally married population in the case of divorces and so on.

What are NSF person months?

The term “person months” refers to the effort – amount of time – that PI/coPI(s), and other senior personnel will devote to a specific project. The effort is based on the organization’s regular academic year, summer, or calendar year.

What is a person week?

What does total patient days mean?

Patient Days means the total number of days of service provided to inpatients of a facility over a 12- month period. Patient Days means the total daily count of the number of patients in the patient care location during a time period.