What is the difference between HIPAA and Hitrust?

What is the difference between HIPAA and Hitrust?

While HIPAA is an act that details standards for compliance, HITRUST is an organization that helps you achieve those standards. The major difference is that HIPAA is simply a set of regulations while HITRUST assists companies with achieving compliance to those regulations.

What is the difference between Hitech and Hitrust?

HITRUST, which was originally an acronym for The Health Information Trust Alliance, is not a law like HITECH. Rather, it is a company that has collaborated with an assortment of organizations to create a framework that can be used by all types of companies that store, transmit or create sensitive or regulated data.

What is the difference between Hitrust and SOC 2?

HITRUST: The Essential Difference. Both reports revolve around the protection of sensitive personal data. But for organizations concerned with compliance, learning the difference between SOC 2 and HITRUST is essential. The main difference is that SOC 2 is an attestation report, while HITRUST is a certification.

What does CSF stand for in Hitrust?

Common Security Framework
The HITRUST CSF (created to stand for “Common Security Framework”, since rebranded as simply the HITRUST CSF) is a prescriptive set of controls that meet the requirements of multiple regulations and standards.

What is high trust certified?

HITRUST certification by the HITRUST Alliance enables vendors and covered entities to demonstrate compliance to HIPAA requirements based on a standardized framework.

Who should get HITRUST certification?

1. HITRUST compliance is required by all major healthcare payers in the US. No matter what your business does in the healthcare realm, it’s crucial to know that HITRUST CSF certification is often required.

What is high trust certification?

Does Hitrust cover SOC2?

Given SOC 2 is a reporting format and not a security framework, the best answer is to issue a SOC 2 report on the HITRUST CSF control requirements, using these requirements as the basis of your organization’s cybersecurity and information protection program. Download the HITRUST CSF v9. 4 free of charge.

What are the HITRUST domains?

CSF Domains

HITRUST CSF Domain Control
1 Information Protection Program
2 Endpoint Protection
3 Portable Media Security
4 Mobile Device Security

Who needs Hitrust?

How long does Hitrust certification take?

That said, the typical duration for a HITRUST certification process ranges from approximately 9 months to 1 year. Very few, if any, organizations obtain certification earlier than 6 months into the process. Some organizations take more than a year from start to finish to obtain formal certification status.

How long is Hitrust certification good for?

24 months
The HITRUST CSF certification is valid for 24 months, with an interim review required to ensure standards continue being met.

Is SOC 2 HIPAA compliant?

While SOC 2 can be a viable reporting option for HIPAA, many accounting firms and consultants favor issuing HIPAA specific reports, those that define the scope in terms of HIPAA and not SOC 2, and these types of reports are actually gaining recognition. Use of the SOC 2 framework is not a HIPAA reporting requirement.

Do you need SOC 1 If you have SOC 2?

If your company is publicly traded, for example, you will need to pursue SOC 1 as part of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). SOC 2, on the other hand, is not required by any compliance framework, such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS.

Is HITRUST a framework?

HITRUST is an organization and a security framework. HITRUST the organization is a nonprofit organization originally created in 2007, based in Frisco, Texas. Its goal is to help companies effectively manage and certify compliance with information security controls, and consolidate compliance reporting requirements.