What is the mood of the song Same Love?

What is the mood of the song Same Love?

In the music video the artist uses a very soft tone and does not sing so loud. This makes the song feel more important and sad in a good way to attract the audiences attention about the message he is trying to give out.

Who Wrote Same Love?

Mary LambertRyan Lewis
Same Love/Composers

What instruments are used in Same Love?


  • Piano – Played main melodic line.
  • Drum kit – Kept beat and gave rhythm.
  • Trumpets – Little happy tune.
  • Violin – Background layer.

What is the story behind Same Love?

This song finds Macklemore, whose real name is Ben Haggerty, detailing the struggles of a gay man throughout his life. Though straight himself, when Haggerty was in the third grade, he’d decided that he must be homosexual as he was artistic, tidy-minded and had an uncle who was in a same-sex relationship.

What album is Same Love on?

The Heist
Same Love/Album

Where did the song Same Love come from?

“Same Love” was unofficially adopted as an anthem by supporters of legalizing same-sex marriage, particularly in reference to Washington Referendum 74 ( R-74 or Ref 74 ), a Washington state referendum to approve or reject the February 2012 bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state. Macklemore explained…

What was the meaning of Same Love by Macklemore?

“Same Love” is a song from Macklemore’s album The Heist which has played a big part in making the issue of gay and lesbian equality more understandable to mainstream audiences. He defends homosexuality, a rarity in hip-hop, though it should be noted that this was not the first song by a big name in hip-hop to speak on gay…

What kind of review did same love get?

Jody Rosen of Rolling Stone, although giving the album a mixed review, called “Same Love” one of its “virtues”. David Jeffries of AllMusic described the track as a “pro-gay marriage highlight”.

Which is the best song about same-sex marriage?

Billboard listed “Same Love” at number 4 on their list of Best Songs of 2013, stating that “the triumph of “Same Love” is in its specificity”. “Same Love” became the first Top 40 song in the U.S. to promote and celebrate same-sex marriage.