What is the purpose of our military?

What is the purpose of our military?

Your military is an all-volunteer force that serves to protect our security and way of life, but service members are more than a fighting force. They are leaders, humanitarians and your fellow Americans. Get to know more about the men and women who serve who they are, what they do and why they do it.

Why military discipline is important?

Military discipline is the training that enhances self-control, behavior, and competence and as the outcome of such nature of training means adherence to the regulations formulated for the advantage of the team. The discipline is also important among the civilians as it promotes the efficiency of their activities.

Why you want to be an army officer?

Reasons to join Indian Army As an Officer: Job Satisfaction. Job Security. Economic Stability. Excellent Social Status.

Why do you want to join airforce?

You’ll be providing a valuable assistance to IAF. Adventure on the go: The number of adventure sports you can do, when in Air Force, is countless. Paragliding, skydiving, car rally, rafting are just a few names, the list is long. In no other job you’ll get a chance to enjoy all of this.

Should I join airforce or army?

When choosing between the Army or the Air Force, each branch has a number of jobs in similar areas. If you prefer a job that sees more combat, though, the Army may be the right choice for you. If you have more interest in technology, you’ll find more opportunities in the Air Force.

What is it like to be in Air Force?

Life in the Air Force requires hard work, but also allows time for your own pursuits. Typically, you can expect an eight-hour workday, leaving plenty of time to relax, recharge and do other things you enjoy once you change out of uniform. Airmen get 30 days vacation with pay each year to use at their discretion.

Would you like to be a part of IAF give reason for your answer?

Answer: Yes, I like to be a part of IAF. I just feel like I should do something for my country. If not IAF , my motive is to join Indian army and to do my part to serve the nation and protect it in all ways possible without caring for my own life.

How can I join Indian airforce?

The candidates can enter the IAF after passing class 12th also. All men, who have passed the exam of class 12th, may join National Defence Academy (NDA) by passing the written exam and SSB interview. Once the training is completed, the candidates join the IAF. The exam for NDA is conducted by the UPSC twice a year.

Why one should join Indian Air Force?

The Indian Air Force (IAF) also boasts of an incredible powerhouse of fighter aircrafts and high tech equipment that can give our enemies a serious run for their money. The thrill of being a part of the massive array of power that can overpower any adversary is what keeps those in the air forces going.

Why do you want to join the army best answer?

Many candidates answer that they want to join the Army because they want to serve their nation. One thing if you can note that many other professions help you in serving your motherland in an indirect way and Army lets you serve your motherland in a direct way.

Is living on base free?

Members who have dependents usually have the option of living on-base in the military family housing for free, or off-base and receive a monthly housing allowance.

Which military branch is the best?

via U.S. Marine Corps The Marine Corps is the top-rated military service branch, according to reviews on the career website Glassdoor….The US Marine Corps Is The Best Military Branch, According To GlassdoorMarine Corps: 4.2 stars.Air Force: 4.1 stars.Navy: 4.0 stars.Coast Guard: 4.0 stars.Army: 3.9 stars.

How dangerous is the Air Force?

Though the Air Force is the military branch that rules the air, it still has dangerous tasks that require it to operate and mobilize on the ground. There are many jobs that are dangerous to airmen, especially if they are serving in a combat zone.

Do you go to war in the military?

Everyone in the military has to be ready to go to war if you are called. However even and engineer preforming his duties on a ship doing maintenance is something we need. That would be your job throughout even in a time of war. You may be on a ship in a war zone, but will not personally be involved in fighting.

Which military branch is the safest?

U.S. Air Force, hands down. The Air Force is the safest, cushiest job in the U.S. Military. They have the most lax military discipline, best food, best utility uniforms and on and on. The next safest is the Navy.

Who are the toughest soldiers?

These are the Toughest Special Forces in the WorldBritish SAS. Irish Army Ranger Wing. French Special Forces. Canadian JTF2. French Commandos Marine. Israeli Shayetet 13. Russian Spetsnaz. U.S. Navy Seals.