What is the purpose of the Hindu marriage ceremony?

What is the purpose of the Hindu marriage ceremony?

In Hinduism, it is believed that a marriage is made in heaven, and once married, the couple’s bond to last for seven lifetimes. Marriage is considered to be a turning point in an individual’s life as they enter into the second important phase or ashram of their life – the ‘Grihasthashram’.

What happens at a Hindu engagement ceremony?

During the ceremony, the bride’s father and groom’s father exchange gifts, such as sugar, coconuts, rice, clothes, jewelry, and henna. The exchanging of gifts and the application of tilak at this ceremony are meant to symbolize the bride’s father’s acceptance of the groom into his family.

How do Hindus do engagement?

On the day of the engagement the groom and his close relatives visit the bride’s home and present a ring to the bride. The bride wears this engagement ring on the ring finger of her left hand and this mark the bride as a betrothed woman. The Marwari engagement ceremony is known as the Mudha Tika ceremony.

How many rounds are in a marriage?

seven rounds
The Saptapadi (Sanskrit “seven steps”/”seven feet”; sometimes called Saat Phere: “seven rounds”) is the most important ritual of Vedic Hindu weddings, and represents the legal element of the Hindu marriage ceremony.

What are the seven steps of a Hindu marriage ceremony?

A brief introduction to the stages of a Hindu wedding ceremony are below, for more specific details please read our article on ‘Hindu Wedding Traditions’: The Baraat / The Jaan; Pokwanu – Welcoming of The Groom; Ganesh Puja; Vaarpooja; Kanya Aagman – The Arrival of the Bride; Granthibandan and Varmala; Kanyadan ; Havan; Mangal Fera; Saptapadi – The Seven Steps

What happens in an Indian marriage ceremony?

Roka ceremony is considered to be the first step towards the marriage. It is like an official announcement of the consent of both the bride and the groom to get married to each other. In this ceremony, the families of two sides gather for the first time and exchange sweets, gifts and dry fruits with each other.

What are the traditional Hindu wedding rituals?

Part 2 of 3: Completing the Traditional Marriage Ceremony Watch as the bride and bridegroom enter. First will be the bridegroom. Let the garland speak during the Jai Mala (exchanging of the garlands). Observe the ritual of Kanyadaan. Watch as the priest starts Vivaha-homa. Experience the ceremony of Panigharani. Watch as the bride and groom complete Shilarohan.

What are some Indian wedding traditions?

Another fun tradition conducted during an Indian wedding is the Mangal Pheras. Here, the bride and the groom walk around the fire-deity four times to represent artha , kama , dharma , and moksha . Once they are done circling the fire, they both run to the seat. Whoever gets to the seat first rules the household.