What is the summons of a case?

What is the summons of a case?

A summons or notice of petition is a legal document that provides notice to someone that a court action is pending and tells him or her when and where the court appearance is. Usually a summons will also direct that the person has to appear at that court date and that s/he may face consequences if s/he does not appear.

What is the difference between a simple summons and a combined summons?

A simple summons is a document which contains the basis (the particulars of the claim) for the plaintiff’s action in the body of the summons. A combined summons, on the other hand, has a more detailed and separate document containing the particulars of claim and is annexed to the summons.

The summons is a form created by the court which notifies the party that an action has been filed against him, her or it, notifies him, her or it of the need to appear, and is attached to the Complaint or Petition that is personally served upon the defendant at the beginning of the case.

How long do Gardai have to issue a summons?

within 6 months
Summary offences In the case of a summary offence (an offence tried in the District Court before a judge without a jury) the Gardaí must make a complaint to the District Court within 6 months of the offence being committed.

What is a summons issued?

In general, a summons is the beginning of a legal case. It signals the issue that needs to be adjudicated (tried in court). A summons can be used in either a civil or a criminal case. When you receive a summons, pay attention to the date by which you must reply.

What is the point of a summons?

A summons provides legal notice to a party about a lawsuit. It is the first official notice that a defendant receives to notify him or her that he or she is being sued. In some instances, the summons may specify a specific court date, but in others, it does not.

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