What is TPG email address?

What is TPG email address?

TPG email and postal address

TPG email [email protected]
TPG postal address PO Box 1844 Macquarie Centre North Ryde, NSW 2113
TPG fax 02 9850 0813
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How do I cancel my TPG account in Singapore?

Termination Request Process

  1. For termination of the TPG services, please fill- up the Termination Request Form here and send an email to [email protected] with the attached form.
  2. We will acknowledge your request within 2 business days and process it within 7 business days if there are no outstanding dues.

Why is my TPG SIM card not working?

If your SIM card does not get coverage in both phones, it might need replacing. Please contact our Mobile Technical Support team on 13 14 23 to arrange for a SIM card replacement. If it fixes the issue, your phone might not be compatible with our network in that area or it may be faulty.

How do I cancel my TPG plan?

If you wish to proceed with cancellation, please call us on 1300 993 019. When can I cancel my TPG Mobile service? You can contact us anytime to cancel. You may choose for cancellation to be in effect at the end of your billing cycle or immediately.

How do I access my TPG modem settings?

Open your browser and in the address bar type and press Enter. Enter admin for both the username and password and click Login. If you have changed the login credentials, please enter the current username and password for the modem/router interface.

How do I log into my TPG account?

Accessing TPG My Account Simply visit http://www.tpg.com.au/account. You can also visit https://www.tpg.com.au and click My Account at the top of the page. Log in using your TPG Username / Customer ID / Mobile or Home Phone Number and your TPG account password.

How do I know if router is working?

Check the light-emitting diodes on the front of the router. The “Power,” “WLAN,” “Wireless,” “Internet,” “Send” and “Receive” LEDs — not all routers use the same status lights — should all be solid or flashing green or blue. If the preceding lights are off or are colored orange or red, the router isn’t working.