What is wrong with just giving?

What is wrong with just giving?

There can be fees added to or taken from the money you give, and the charities themselves could be faced with charges just for being listed on the platform. Among the worst is the most popular – Just Giving. This is the only one of the major platforms that isn’t non-profit.

How long does a donation take to show on JustGiving?

Not all donations made to your page will be shown here as it takes up to 3 days for the money from each donation to reach us. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to withdraw all your funds once we have processed them successfully.

Why is my Just Giving page not working?

Clearing your browsing history and cookies removes any error loops that may be stuck in your browser. To clear this data when using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox please hold down Ctrl + shift + Delete at the same time, please do not have JustGiving open at all when you do this.

How do you post an update on just giving?

To post an update:

  1. Head to your page.
  2. If you’re not logged in already, click ‘Login’ in the top right hand corner.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Updates’ and insert a 150 character update.
  4. Click ‘Publish Update’ to post the update to your page.

Why are donations not showing on just giving?

As soon as you make a donation, we automatically send a donation receipt to the email you’ve given us. If you haven’t received a receipt, there’s a possibility that your email account has automatically treated it as spam, so it’s worth checking your spam folder to see if it’s in there.

Is just giving safe?

We will always implement international standards of best practice in online and data security to make sure using JustGiving is a safe and enjoyable experience for you. Ensuring that our donation pages are secure also helps us to comply with Payment Card Industry standards.

Does just giving go straight to the charity?

If your charity is based in the UK we automatically transfer donations to the chosen charity on a weekly basis (or, if the total donated to that particular charity on JustGiving is £50 or less, we wait until the end of the month). There’s nothing you need to do.

What is the minimum donation on just giving?

GBP £1
Your mobile operator will pass 100% of the text donation onto JustGiving. The minimum text donation is GBP £1 and all donations must be in whole pounds sterling. The maximum text donation allowed is GBP £10 for all mobile operators.

Why can’t I log into just giving?

When logging in, enter your email address and click on ‘Forgotten your password? Check your junk or spam folders, as well as adding [email protected] to your safe sender list, this should take care of the problem.

Can you thank donors on just giving?

Editing the automatic thank-you message that donors receive When somebody donates, we email a receipt to them automatically. This includes a thank you message you can edit in the control panel of your account.

Can I upload a video to just giving?

With JustGiving you can upload photos and video, post updates about your recent activity and share it all with your supporters.

Can just giving see who donated?

You can view a full list of everyone that’s donated to your page from within your account. You’ll see their name, how much they’ve given and their email address, only if they’ve chosen to share it with you (even if they are anonymous on the page itself).

How do I hide donations on just giving?

To hide your donation amount from the page, make sure to tick the box next to ‘Hide my amount from public view’. If you’re donating to a charity, although you’ll appear as ‘Anonymous’ on the Fundraising Page, the Page Owner will know who you are and how much you’ve given by logging into their account.

How much money does just giving take?

JustGiving charges charities a 5% Gift Aid reclaim and processing fee, but this is optional and charities can choose to claim Gift Aid themselves. It also charges a payment processing fee, set at 1.9% + £0.20.

How much money does just giving keep?

We charge a 5% fee for our Gift Aid service and this is taken from the amount of Gift Aid claimed on a donation. Charities are able to opt out of this service by contacting us.

Can you donate 1 on just giving?

You’ll only be able to fundraise for one charity per JustGiving Page. You’ll need to build a separate fundraising page for each charity. You can then join them together with a team page, giving your donors the choice of which charity they donate to.

How do I log into just giving?

Welcome to JustGiving / How do I log in to my JustGiving account? Just enter your Email and Password and click continue. Please note if you have accounts for multiple charities you will be asked to choose which one you want to log into. Once logged in you can switch charity profiles at any time.

Is just giving legitimate?

You can be assured that donating through JustGiving is both easy and safe. Here’s why: The way we store card details is completely secure. We comply with Payment Card Industry standards.

How do I donate anonymously on just giving?

Popular donation questions / How can I donate anonymously or hide the donation amount? Just leave the box blank that says ‘Your name (optional)’. This is in the second step of the donation process. To hide your donation amount from the page, make sure to tick the box next to ‘Hide my amount from public view’.

Does just giving have an app?

Here’s some background on why we’ve built it.