What legal structure is Telstra?

What legal structure is Telstra?

It is intended that InfraCo Fixed will be the current Telstra Corporation Limited entity. The assets of InfraCo Towers and ServeCo, and in due course, of International, will be transferred out of the current Telstra Corporation Limited entity into their new respective legal entities.

Is Internet an essential service in Australia?

Is Internet access an essential service? No, not as far as the Australian Government and/or telecommunications law is concerned. Internet access by the consumer or end-user is neither a declared service nor otherwise guaranteed by the Telecommunications Act.

What did Telstra used to be called?

Telecom Australia
The domestic trading name, Telecom Australia, was changed to Telstra on 1 July 1995 to distinguish the corporation from other telecommunications companies in the increasingly competitive and deregulated market. The corporation has been trading as Telstra internationally since 1993.

Can I get compensation for no internet?

If you’re unable to access your new internet service on the date you agreed with your provider, you will automatically receive compensation. You won’t need to take any action and your new provider will reimburse you for your lost service. This includes if an engineer appointment is missed.

Is internet a utility in Australia?

An internet connection is now an important utility for most households in Australia. It is increasingly required for accessing essential information and taking part in the digital economy. Australia-wide in 2016, nearly 80% of all households had internet access.

Are BT losing customers?

Telecoms giants BT and Virgin are both losing thousands of customers, according to the companies’ results released this week. BT’s results from today showed the company had lost around 125,000 active consumer line customers this quarter, compared to the previous three months.

How much is sky compensation?

If your broadband or phone service isn’t activated by 11:59pm on the date confirmed by Sky in writing, we’ll pay you £5.04 automatic compensation for each day we are late in delivering your service, including your missed activation date.