What sentence do you get for harassment?

What sentence do you get for harassment?

What sentence could I get for harassment? For the offence without violence, the basic offence of harassment, up to six months imprisonment can be imposed. This increased to 2 years if the offence is racially aggravated.

What to do when someone keeps harassing you?

You would need to talk to Police or get legal advice if you want to explore these options.

  1. Applying for a Protection Order.
  2. Report to the police.
  3. Document the harassment.
  4. Telephone company.
  5. Social media.
  6. Block the abusive person from contacting you.

Who would be the most likely victim of stalking?

Most stalking occurs between people who know each other. Less than one-fourth of women, and about one-third of men are stalked by strangers. Women are most likely to be stalked by a current or former intimate partner during the relationship, after it ends, or at both points in time.

What types of harassment are illegal?

Harassment is illegal only if it is based on some protected characteristic of the employee, such as his or her age, race, national origin, sex, religion or disability. In addition, harassment must be severe or pervasive in order to violate the law.

Who can help with harassment?

If you’re being harassed and you feel you’re in danger you can contact the police. If you think you’re being harassed because of your disability, race, religion, transgender identity or sexual orientation, you can report the harassment to the police as a hate incident or crime.

Is it hard to prove harassment?

It is not always possible to provide extensive proof of your harassment. Even when you have significant evidence, harassment cases can be very difficult and require experienced and careful legal work to succeed.

How do you intervene if someone is harassing you?

The do’s and don’ts of bystander intervention

  1. DO make your presence as a witness known.
  2. DO take cues from the individual being harassed.
  3. DO keep both of you safe.
  4. DON’T call the police.
  5. DON’T escalate the situation.
  6. DON’T do nothing.

What should I know about stalking and harassment?

Practical advice and information to anyone who is currently or previously been effected by harassment or stalking.

Where to file for protection from stalking or harassment?

You must file your application in the justice court for the township where the stalking, aggravated stalking, or harassment took place. Stalking or harassment is committed “where the conduct occurred” or “where the person who was affected by the conduct was located at the time that the conduct occurred.” (NRS 200.581.)

How old do you have to be to be a victim of stalking?

Stalking and harassment is when someone tries to make repeated contact with you in a way that makes you feel scared, upset or threatened. This content has been written for children and young people. If you’re looking for information for over 18s, visit our Types of Crime information about stalking and harassment.

When does harassment of an individual become stalking by proxy?

Harassment of an individual can also occur when a person is harassing others connected with the individual, knowing that this behaviour will affect their victim as well as the other people that the person appears to be targeting their actions towards. This is known as ‘stalking by proxy’.