What terrible thing did TJ do why do you suppose he did it Chapter 8?

What terrible thing did TJ do why do you suppose he did it Chapter 8?

Why do you suppose he did it? The terrible thing that T.J. did was to rob the Barnett Mercantile, which resulted in the death of Mr. Barnett. T.J. did this because he’s a natural troublemaker and also because he resents the Barnetts for their racism.

What was TJ’s punishment for getting Mama fired?

T.J. What was T.J.’s punishment for getting Mama fired? Cassie punched him. Everyone stopped talking to him.

Why is Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry a banned book?

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor was among the top 10 most frequently challenged book of 2002 for offensive language. In 2004, a family attempted to have the novel banned from classrooms for its “harsh depictions of racism and its use of racial slurs.”

What does Cassie promise her father?

What does Cassie promise her father? Whatever she does, it will not get anyone else involved, especially Mr. Simms or her father.

Why does Cassie cry for TJ even though she never liked him?

At the end of the last chapter, why do you think Cassie cries for TJ, even though she never like him? Cassie cries because TJ may be imprisoned or killed unfairly – she is crying over the unfairness of her world where there is one law for whites and another for blacks.

What happened in Chapter 7 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

Chapter Seven. Mama asks Stacey to bring her his new coat from Uncle Hammer so she can hem it for him, but he has given it away to his friend T.J. Mama is furious and wants him to get the coat, but Uncle Hammer wants Stacey to learn a lesson. If he is ignorant enough to give the coat away, then he does not deserve it.

What did Lillian Jean do to Cassie?

Cassie lures Lillian Jean to a field and beats her up, threatening to tell all her secrets.

Do you think TJ’s punishment was worse than a beating?

What is T.J.’s punishment? Do you agree with Stacey that T.J.’s punishment is worse than being beaten up? Why or why not? The students shun him down and this is worse because he has no friends or anyone supporting him in school and lost his best friend Stacey as well.

What happens between Lillian Jean and Cassie?

So, Cassie pretends for a month to be very nice to Lillian Jean. She carries her books on the way to school. Lillian Jean confides her secrets to Cassie. Finally, Cassie beats her up, and when Lillian Jean threatens to tell her father, Cassie threatens to tell everyone all of her secrets.

Why does Cassie become so angry at Mr Barnett?

Cassie became angry and Mr. Barnett because he waited on her after all the white people. Mr. Barnett is the shopkeeper in Strawberry.

Why did Cassie cry at the end?

At the end of the novel, it is revealed that T.J. will most likely be killed or spend life in prison for something he did not do. In the end, Cassie cries for T.J. and their land.

Why did Mama get fired from teaching?

The formal reason given for Mama’s being fired is that she glued white paper to the inside cover of schoolbooks to hide the fact that they were once used by white children but are no longer needed by them.

What happens in Chapter 8 of roll of Thunder Hear my Cry?

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Chapter 8 Summary & Analysis. When Lillian Jean gets there, Cassie takes her books and tells her that she has a surprise for Lillian Jean in the woods. Lillian Jean is delighted and follows Cassie to a clearing in the forest, where Cassie then throws down Lillian Jean’s books and stomps on them.

Where does Logan go in roll of Thunder Hear my Cry?

He heads to the Wallace store. Cassie tells the other Logan children to go on, since she has to wait for Lillian Jean. Cassie plots carefully about how to deal with Lillian Jean. This is very different from how Cassie dealt with her problems towards the beginning of her book.

How to track themes in roll of Thunder Hear my Cry?

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

When was the last update on roll of Thunder Hear my Cry?

Last Updated on July 24, 2020, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 439 Cassie is still burning from the insult she received at the hands of Lillian Jean Simms in Strawberry. One day on the road, Cassie chases after Lillian Jean, apologizes, and pretends to think Black people really are inferior to White people.