What to do if a parent is withholding a child?

What to do if a parent is withholding a child?

First, the parent could contact the police and ask them to enforce the order. The parent denied custody could also contact the Child Abduction and Recovery Unit at his or her local district attorney’s office to seek enforcement of the order.

What happens if a parent won’t let you see your child?

Penalties for Violating Visitation Orders They may be found in contempt of court, be ordered to reimburse you for your attorney fees, and allow you to make-up any missed visitation time they withheld from you. In some more extreme cases, they may even be sentenced to jail.

Speak to an Experienced Family Law Attorney In most instances, it is in a child’s best interest to spend time with both parents, and if one parent withholds a child from the other, it may require court intervention to repair the situation.

What can I do if another parent withholds my child?

Legal Recourse to Another Parent Withholding a Child. You need to have a writ filed with the court so that the judge brings both parents before him or her to discuss why one parent is neglecting or failing to allow the children to visit with the other parent during his or her time.

Can a primary custodial parent withhold a child?

The primary custodial parent may feel that some form of abuse is occurring and withhold the children from the other parent. There are many instances where the parent that has the reduced amount of custodial time decides not to return the children because he or she wants an extended amount of time.

Can a parent withhold visitation from a child?

A child visitation agreement stipulates the amount of time that a child spends with each parent. Whether they are married or not, parents should exercise their visitation rights as soon as they part ways. Without a custody order or visitation schedule in place, the mother typically has all parental rights.

Why are fathers rights important in a custody case?

The father’s rights are just as important as the mother’s parental rights. Too many custody cases happen because one parent is trying to have complete control over the child unfairly. Can One Parent Take the Child From the Other?