When can we travel again to Italy?

When can we travel again to Italy?

Yes. The Italian parliament extended the current state of emergency until July 31st, 2021. Italy has extended a national curfew that is in place from midnight to 5am. Travel between regions is allowed in white and yellow zones.

Can I go to Italy in July 2021?

Italy is now open to US citizens who are traveling for any reason, including tourism. Starting June 21, American travelers can enter Italy without the need to quarantine or undergo Covid test after quarantine if they can present a document compliant with Italian and EU regulations.

Will Portugal reopen for tourists?

Portugal is currently open for U.S. visitors — as long as you’re willing to undergo multiple COVID-19 tests both for entry as well under certain conditions for accommodations and dining. You’ll also need a test to return to the U.S. too.

Does Italy shut down in July?

Anyone who has been to, dreamed of going to, or is planning a trip to Italy has most likely read or heard that they should not go in August because the entire country literally shuts down for the month. For starters, Italy gets extremely hot in the summer months, especially during July and August.

Is Italy closed to tourists?

Italy has confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice citing the high-level of COVID-19 in Italy. The Department of State’s Level 3 Travel Advisory recommends that travelers reconsider travel to Italy due to COVID-19.

Can I travel to Italy this summer 2021?

The Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced on May 5, 2021, that the authorities plan to open the border for other visitors. Such a decision has been approved by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, who informed that arrivals for the EU/Schengen Area, Israel, and the UK will be permitted to enter.

Can you travel to Portugal right now?

Portugal is now open for tourism as of June 15, 2021. U.S. citizens can travel to Lisbon with a proof of negative Covid test. A PCR test must be performed in the last 72 hours, while a rapid antigen test must be performed within 24 hours before boarding. More stringent restrictions are currently implemented in Lisbon.

Can you wear sneakers in Italy?

Italians love their sports and stay active themselves, so they aren’t ignorant to athletic wear. However, spending the day in a pair of athletic shorts, tank top, or running shoes is frowned upon. Don’t get me wrong, you can wear what you want when it’s hot out, but you’ll be pegged as a tourist.