When did Dodgers last win World Series?

When did Dodgers last win World Series?

From 1884 through 2021, the Dodgers’ all-time record is 11,123–9,891 (.529)….

Los Angeles Dodgers
Major league titles
World Series titles (7) 1955 1959 1963 1965 1981 1988 2020

Who did the LA Dodgers beat in 1988 World Series?

Oakland Athletics
1988 World Series – Los Angeles Dodgers over Oakland Athletics (4-1) | Baseball-Reference.com.

What was Kirk Gibson’s injury?

Gibson injured his left hamstring while stealing second base in Game 5 and his right knee while sliding into second base in Game 7. After defeating the Mets, the Dodgers faced the Oakland Athletics in the World Series.

How many hits did the Dodgers get in the 1988 World Series?

The 1988 LA Dodgers hit 99 home runs in 161 regular-season games. On their way to winning the 1988 World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the National League West with a 94-67 record (with a seven-game lead in the division on the final day of the season, making up game No.

Who won World Series in 1988?

Los Angeles Dodgers
1988 World Series/Champion

Who won World Series 1987?

Minnesota Twins
1987 World Series/Champion

Who calls Kirk Gibson’s home run?

But one call that’s been unfortunately underrepresented, if not forgotten, in the decades since that 1988 classic belongs to the late Hall of Famer Don Drysdale, who called the game for local Dodgers radio.

Who did Kirk Gibson marry?

JoAnn Sklarskim. 1985
Kirk Gibson/Spouse
Detroit Tigers outfielder Kirk Gibson and his best friend, former Tiger and now Texas Ranger pitcher Dave Rozema, married sisters from suburban Detroit Saturday. Gibson, 28, who is an unsigned free-agent right fielder, married JoAnn Sklarski.

Who was the winner of the 1988 World Series?

The 85th edition of the World Series, it was a best-of-seven playoff played between the American League (AL) champion Oakland Athletics and the National League (NL) champion Los Angeles Dodgers, with the Dodgers upsetting the heavily favored Athletics to win the Series in five games.

Who was the pinch hitter in the 1988 World Series?

It is best known for the pinch-hit walk-off home run hit by Dodgers outfielder Kirk Gibson, who could barely walk due to injuries suffered during the NL Championship Series, against Athletics closer Dennis Eckersley in Game 1.

Why did Orel Hershiser start in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series?

Additionally, because ace Orel Hershiser pitched in Game 7 of the NLCS, the Dodgers had to start rookie Tim Belcher in Game 1, and thus, they would not be able to start Hershiser three times in a potential seven game series as they had in the NLCS. Meanwhile, Oakland, having swept the ALCS, could send a well-rested Dave Stewart to the mound.

When was the last time the Dodgers won the World Series?

The Dodgers would not make another World Series appearance until 2017, where they would lose in seven games against the Houston Astros, who won their very first World Series title. The Dodgers would make another World Series appearance the following year in 2018, but lost to the Boston Red Sox in five games,…