Where can I ask questions about visa?

Where can I ask questions about visa?

Contact the Department of State, U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad with questions about U.S. visas, including application, the status of visa processing, and for inquiries relating to visa denial. Once in the United States, the traveler falls under the authority (jurisdiction) of Department of Homeland Security.

How do I contact National Visa Center by phone?

Contact Details of National Visa Center Phone – (603) 334-0700.

Why is my visa not working?

The most common reasons are that the card hasn’t been activated, the cashier is running the wrong type of transaction, the dollar amount being charged is greater than the card’s balance or the credit card processing machine is bumping up the charge amount to either place a hold on the card or to allow for a gratuity.

How do I write an email to an embassy for visa?

Sir\Madam, I am, (Your Name), an applicant for the student/work visa type (***), passport no. [*****], am in need of information about the processing of my application. (Describe in your own words).

Why is my card being declined when I have money?

Why is my debit card declined when I have money? Debit cards can be declined even when you have money. Verify you have money, use the right pin, and the card has been activated. Your card type may not be accepted, is expired, or may have been flagged for suspicious activity.

Why is my card not working?

Even if you have money in your account, your debit card can be declined for a number of reasons. The bank could have blocked the card for fraud prevention, the store may not accept your card type, the card could be damaged or have expired or you may have entered the wrong PIN.

How can I pass my US visa interview?

The tips below are intended to help you prepare for your visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate in your home country.

  1. Ties to Home Country.
  2. English.
  3. Speak for Yourself.
  4. Know the Program and How it Fits Your Career Plans.
  5. Be Concise.
  6. Supplemental Documentation.
  7. Not All Countries Are Equal.
  8. Employment.

What should I write in visa status?

Sample Letter to Embassy for Visa Status Dear Sir, I am Richard, passport no. As66667788, i have applied for a multiple visa for Malaysia two weeks ago, and did not get any news regarding my visa process. I have time to go to Malaysia these days that is why i was curious to know about my visa status.

I have time to go to (Country name) these days that is why I was curious to know about my visa status. (Describe all about the situation). My visa application number is [*********]. Please let me know in your early response about my visa status so I can manage time and dates for my travel and holidays.

How do I contact immigration?

Call the IRCC Call Centre (1-888-242-2100), from within Canada only, Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm local time, except for statutory holidays).

What to do if you have questions about a visa?

Do you have to answer yes or no for US visa interview?

A: Give the true Answer, Yes or No. If yes, give details of university etc. Note: Be prepared with details about university, what degree they studied etc. Q: What visa did your son/daughter enter the U.S. on?

What do you need to know about applying for a US visa?

Visitors who want to enter the United States for studies, tourism, business, medical treatment, and other reasons are required to apply for the United States Visa. The application process involves completion of the application form, submission of documents, payment of visa fee, and appearing for visa interview, if required.

Where does the Department of State issue visas?

Under U.S. law the Department of State has responsibility for issuing visas, and most visas are issued at one of the Department of State Embassies and Consulates abroad. A U.S. Consular Officer will review your application at the time of the interview and decide whether you are qualified for a visa.