Where do I find AAT decisions?

Where do I find AAT decisions?

AAT decisions with written reasons are published on the AustLII website and may also be available from other legal publishers.

How long do AAT decisions take?

According to the statistics released, partner visa decisions take 720 days on average. Decisions relating to temporary work visas take 773 days. Bridging visa reviews take an average of 11 days.

How does the AAT decide what decisions to publish and which not to publish?

A random selection process is applied to determine which decisions will be published in the categories of cases where not all decisions are published and targets have been set for the proportion of decisions to be published: they are generally at least 25 per cent from 1 March 2018.

Who pays for a tribunal?

Costs are the amount of money you or your employer spent on bringing the case to a tribunal. If you lose the claim, the judge could order you to pay your employer’s costs. If you win your claim, the judge could order your employer to pay your costs.

Should I settle or go to tribunal?

If those chances are 50% or less, it will generally be a good idea to look to settle at an early stage, sometimes even before entering a defence (if possible). Employers should bear in mind that an outcome of an employment tribunal claim is never certain and, allowance should always be made for the unexpected.

What happens if I lose a tribunal?

If you lose the claim, the judge could order you to pay your employer’s costs. If you win your claim, the judge could order your employer to pay your costs.

Do I have to pay for a tribunal?

You do not have to pay a fee to make a claim to the Employment Tribunal, even if it says so on the form.

What decisions can AAT review?

We most commonly review decisions relating to: child support. commonwealth workers’ compensation. family assistance, paid parental leave, social security and student assistance.

AAT decision The Department’s processing time for such applications is generally relatively short – say 4 to 8 weeks. However, processing times do vary significantly, and it may be months before you receive a decision from the Department.

What can the AAT do in a T case?

The Agency can ask the AAT for a direction that certain content within the T documents is not to be disclosed to you or another party. We will consider such an application and tell you our decision. You can give us new information that you think supports your case.

What does a hearing at the AAT do?

The hearing is an opportunity for you, and any other party, to present information and arguments to the AAT about the Child Support decision under review. The hearing is relatively informal and will usually be conducted by one Tribunal Member. The Member is the person who will make a decision about the review.

Can You appeal an AAT decision on the facts?

You can only appeal an AAT decision on legal questions, not about the facts. if the AAT’s process for your review was legally correct. if you want to argue about the facts in your case. It’s a good idea to get legal advice if you’re thinking about appealing.

How does amalgamation of child support tribunals work?

The approach proposed in the Bill for child support matters is simpler and will create greater consistency on appeals across the amalgamated tribunal. The amalgamation would not affect rights to judicial review arising outside of the AAT Act, the Migration Act, or Acts conferring jurisdiction on the SSAT.