Where is my Optus bill?

Where is my Optus bill?

Log in to My Account. Select the account you wish to view the bill for. Select Bills & payments. You can download your bills from the last 7 years.

How do I access my Optus account?

Manage your account on-the-go with the My Optus app. Check your usage, view and pay your bills, see your plan info, message us, and more. Use your My Account email address and password to log in to the My Optus app.

How can I speed up my Optus broadband?

If available, try connecting a different device (e.g. phone, computer) to your modem to check if the issue is specific to one of your devices. Ensure all other devices are disconnected from the modem when attempting this step. Having multiple devices connected to the modem at once can further slow your speeds.

How do I fix Optus data not working?

Switch your device off (do not select restart), wait 30 seconds and turn it on again. If you’re using an external USB modem / dongle: Close your Optus Mobile Broadband Connection manager application and any other open applications. Eject and remove your USB modem / dongle from your computers USB port.

Why is my internet not working Optus?

Reset the connection: Turn your modem and your computer off and leave them off for 60 seconds. Turn both devices back on and allow a few minutes for them to reconnect.

How to pay my bill with Optus Mobile?

SMS “Menu” to 9999 for fast self-service from your Optus Mobile (24×7). Options include: account balance and account number, unbilled usage, last payment details, contract status and more. SMS “Menu” to 9999 for fast self-service from your Optus Mobile (24×7).

Is there a problem with the Optus network?

Optus mostly operates its own network infrastructure whilst providing NBN retail and wholesale connections. Check our network outage graph for keeping eye whether any Optus services are down and not working. Do you have a problem with Optus? Copy & paste our code to embed our live chart anywhere on your website. Having issues with Optus?

What happens if my Optus email is not updated?

Note! If your account information is not updated within the next 48 hours then your ability to use any services provided by Optus such as broadband, wireless, adsl, cable, dialup and email might become restricted. Pay with Direct Debit – the fee free way to go!

Why did I cancel my Optus cable service?

I cancelled my service but Optus kept on sending monthly bills with ever increasing arrears for nearly 2 years. I made several attempts early on to explain there was no longer a cable TV service at my house, but they wouldn’t have a bar of it. Eventually, the matter was referred to a debt collector and someone actually called me.