Where should a water meter be installed?

Where should a water meter be installed?

Water meters need to be fitted on your water supply pipe (the pipe that brings water into your home). This normally includes kitchen cupboards, airing cupboards, cellars and the garage, ideally close to your stop tap, which is often located under the kitchen sink.

What are the benefits of having a water meter installed?

A water meter is similar to a gas or electricity meter, and getting one installed means you’ll be charged for the amount you actually use, rather than charged a fixed annual amount. Cutting back on the amount you use will therefore save you money, making this a much fairer way of billing customers.

Can you switch back from a water meter?

If you find you are not better off after changing to a meter, you can usually change back to how the bill was paid before within twelve months. You can’t do this if you have moved into a property where a meter is already installed, or if universal metering has been introduced for everyone in your area.

Do I have a water Metre?

If you’re having a nose around, it’s normally found in one of the following places: Outside – in a meter box attached to an outside wall. Outside – under a cover in the pavement. Inside – under the sink.

Can you move a water stop tap?

How to Move a Mains Stop-Cock. The first thing to do before attempting to move a stopcock is to make sure you have turned off the mains in the road. If no more water comes through then you can be sure that the main street stopcock works. On the stopcock pipework indoors, there should be a drain plug.

Do I have to pay water bill if property is empty Thames water?

5.8. 1 Where the property you occupy has no water supply, but you have the right to use the supply from another property, then you will be responsible for paying the unmetered charge for the property you occupy.

Can you refuse to have a water meter installed?

You have the right to request a meter. This should be free of charge unless changes to your plumbing are required. The company can refuse your request to install a meter if it would be impractical or too expensive to do so (see page 15).

Does my flat have a water meter?

If you live in a flat or or apartment, you might find your water meter and stop tap in a cabinet inside the building. Your meter should be marked with your flat number.