Where should citation in text be placed?

Where should citation in text be placed?

In-text citations are typically placed at the end of a quote, sentence, or paragraph.

Do I have to cite each page of a website?

Answer. In some cases, it is necessary to cite specific information from various pages within the same website. When multiple webpages with the same publication date from one larger website are used, the APA Citation Style uses a lower case a, b, c, d, etc.

What makes a good citation?

Answer. Generally, a citation will include: the name of the book, article, or other resource; the name of its author; information (if applicable) about the journal it came from; the date it was published; and when it was accessed if it was read online.

What do I write in a citation?

Most in-text citations in APA format will include the author’s last name and the publication year in some manner. The following is an example of a parenthetical in-text citation for a paraphrase or summary: (Hannah, 2020).