Who bought Sooke Harbour House?

Who bought Sooke Harbour House?

IAG Enterprises Ltd
On July 13, 2020 IAG Enterprises Ltd had the privilege of purchasing the land and buildings that have housed Sooke Harbour House for the last 40 years.

Who owned Vancouver Island?

the Hudson’s Bay Company
First discovered by Captain James Cook (1778), the island was surveyed in 1792 by George Vancouver and was held by the Hudson’s Bay Company until it was made a British crown colony in 1849.

What is the most expensive area on Vancouver Island?

James Island, located just east of North Saanich, is considered the most expensive property in the region this year, and is assessed at roughly $57,747,000. Last year, the private island was considered the third-most expensive property across B.C., just behind two single-family residences in Vancouver.

Where is Sooke?

Sooke /suːk/ is a district municipality on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada, 38 kilometres by road from Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Sooke, the westernmost of Greater Victoria’s Western Communities, is to the north and west of the Sooke Basin….

Website sooke.ca

Is Vancouver Island going to sink?

In a big earthquake the seafloor offshore from Vancouver Island will be uplifted and the area along the coast will sink, but at worst that sinking will only be a few meters.

What is the most expensive house in Vancouver?

VANCOUVER — July 26 update: CTV News has confirmed the mansion sold for $42 million. VANCOUVER — A luxury real estate company says a Vancouver mansion is the most expensive home ever sold in the region, but representatives won’t say what the buyer paid for it.

Is Sooke BC a town or city?

The town of Sooke is located just 40 minutes outside of Victoria and is even accessible by bike along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. From local artisans, cafes and extensive parks and hiking trails, Sooke is a popular seaside getaway. Tracing the coastline just over an hour further is the village of Port Renfrew.

How big is Sooke?

56.62 km²

Is it dangerous to live on Vancouver Island?

Port Alberni has been ranked #18 on the list of most dangerous cities in Canada, according to a report by Macleans. The most dangerous city in regards to all crime, per Maclean’s report, was North Battleford, Saskatchewan. …

Could a tsunami hit Vancouver Island?

Although Vancouver is sheltered from Pacific Ocean tsunamis by Vancouver Island and the Olympic Peninsula, we may be impacted by local tsunamis caused by earthquakes in the Strait of Georgia or by underwater landslides in the Fraser River delta.

Where is the most affordable place to live on Vancouver Island?

The small city of Quesnal also earns an honourable mention for quiet living at an affordable price with one of the lowest tax rates in Canada. If you are looking for somewhere to call home on Vancouver Island specifically, Port Alice and Port Alberni work out as some of the cheapest places to live on Vancouver Island.

Where do rich people live Vancouver?

Even if you choose West Bay, Westmount, Bayridge, or Sandy Cove, living in Canada’s richest areas is a pleasure. West Bay and Sandy Cove are among the best-known Vancouver neighbourhoods, with a continuously growing property market and sales record in past years.

What is the richest area in Vancouver?

Here are the most expensive streets in Vancouver for 2021

  • Point Grey Road in Kitsilano, featuring Chip Wilson’s Mansion.
  • Belmont Avenue, Point Grey.
  • Osler Street, Shaughnessy.
  • The Crescent, Shaughnessy.
  • Newton Wynd, University Endowment Lands.

Is it expensive to live in Sooke BC?

The cost of living index is based on a national average of 100. For example, if the cost of living is 90, then it is 10% lower than average. If the cost of living is 110, then it is 10% higher than average….Sooke, BC Cost of Living.

Index Cost of living
Sooke 94
British Columbia 123
National 100

What’s it like to live in Sooke BC?

Rural Charm With a laid back attitude to life and a small town friendly style, Sooke is a calm and tranquil place to call home. The air is clean, and with no big city lights, the stars shine bright at night. Grab a coffee with a friend or a drink at a local craft brewery.