Who can contest a will in WA?

Who can contest a will in WA?

Sections 7 of the Act states that the people who can make a claim on the deceased’s estate include a spouse, a former partner who is entitled to maintenance from the deceased, a child including one who is born 10 months after the deceased’s death, a grandchild in certain circumstances, a stepchild in certain …

How long do you have to contest a will in WA?

When can you apply? You must apply within six months of the grant of probate of the will. If the deceased did not leave a will, you must apply within six months of the grant of letters of administration. This time limit may be extended in some circumstances, but extensions are quite rare.

How do I stop someone contesting a will in Australia?

5 Strategies to Stop Someone Contesting a Will

  1. Inter vivos Transfer of Assets.
  2. Strategic Ownership Arrangements.
  3. Keep your Life Insurance outside your estate.
  4. Restructure Asset Ownership.
  5. Keep Superannuation outside your will with a Binding Death Benefit Nomination.

Can every will be contested?

Under probate law, wills can only be contested by spouses, children or people who are mentioned in the will or a previous will. When one of these people notifies the court that they believe there is a problem with the will, a will contest begins.

Pursuant to the Family Provision Act 1972, eligible applicants who can contest a will are:

  • a spouse or de facto.
  • a person receiving or entitled to receive maintenance from the Deceased.
  • a child of the deceased.
  • a grandchild of the deceased.

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What happens if I contest a prior will?

If you are an interested party, you should receive notice from the court that the will is being probated. If you are successful in invalidating a will, the court may reinstate your loved one’s prior will.

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Can a person contest the distribution of a will?

In addition, you cannot contest a will solely because you think the distribution is unfair. A will can be contested only in certain circumstances; there must be evidence that something is wrong with the will.