Who presides at the sitting of the Court of Appeal?

Who presides at the sitting of the Court of Appeal?

The President of the Court
Currently the Court is comprised of a President and nine (9) Judges of Appeal, and sits in divisions of three (3) Judges. The President of the Court is responsible for the arrangement of the work of the Court and presides whenever he is sitting in the Court.

Who presides over the High Court in Guyana?

There is a right of appeal from the Supreme Court to the Guyana Court of Appeal, which was established in 1966 and consists of the Chancellor as President of the Court assisted by the Chief Justice and several Justices of Appeal. Since 1966 the Chancellor has thus been the head of the Judiciary in Guyana.

Who presides over the Caribbean Court of Justice?

Justice Michael de la Bastide
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) was inaugurated in Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on 16 April 2005 and presently has a Bench of seven judges presided over by CCJ President, the Right Honourable Mr Justice Michael de la Bastide.

How does the court system work in Guyana?

The judiciary consists of a magistrate’s court for each of the ten regions and a Supreme Court consisting of a High Court and a Court of Appeal. Appeals of High Court rulings go to the Court of Appeal. Any person in Guyana has the right to bring charges involving a breach of criminal law.

Which is the highest court in Guyana?

The Supreme Court has two divisions: the high court, which consists of the chief justice of the Supreme Court and 10 puisne justices and has both original and appellate jurisdiction; and the court of appeal (established 30 July 1966), which consists of a chancellor, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, and as many …

What is the lowest court in Guyana?

magistrate’s court
The lower courts, known as the magistrate’s court, have jurisdiction in criminal cases and civil suits involving small claims. The High Court has general jurisdiction in both civil and criminal matters. Appeals from the High Court rulings go to the Court of Appeal.

Does Guyana have freedom of speech?

a. The constitution provides for freedom of expression, including for the press, and the government generally respected this right. Independent media were active and at times expressed a wide variety of views without restriction.

Who wrote Guyana Constitution?

Two of the principal architects of the new constitution were the minister of justice and attorney general, Mohammed Shahabbuddeen, and Hugh Desmond Hoyte, the minister of economic planning. Attorney General Shahabbuddeen was given the task of selling the new constitution to the National Assembly and the people.

Is Jamaica a member of CCJ?

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) was established in 2005. It is located in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Jamaica and other CARICOM countries are taking steps toward making the CCJ their final appellate court. In 2015, the House of Representatives voted for Jamaica to institute the CCJ as its final appellate court.

What are the different types of courts in Guyana?

[43] There are magistrates’ courts in every county and most of the cases brought by the police and individuals are heard in them….The jurisdiction of Magistrates extends to presiding over specialized courts, which are:

  • Family Court.
  • Commercial Court.
  • Coroners Court.
  • Juvenile Court.
  • Traffic Court.
  • Tax Court.
  • Drug Court.

    Which court is the highest court in Guyana?