Why was my rental application unsuccessful?

Why was my rental application unsuccessful?

According to Rent the survey showed that the number one reason agents decline a tenant application is because of a history of missed rental payments. If a tenant can’t show proof that they’ll be able to pay the rent, their application could be rejected,” the rental property site says.

What to do if a tenant is unresponsive?

What should you do if your tenant doesn’t respond to your attempts of communication?

  1. Firstly, try to contact your tenant with phone calls and/or text messages.
  2. If the above fails, write a letter, sent by recorded delivery so there’s proof of receipt.
  3. If there is no response within 14 days, try writing another letter.

How do you pass a tenant reference?

Tenant Referencing: 7 Tips That Will Help You Pass Quickly

  1. Be upfront.
  2. Get your paperwork together.
  3. Inform referees.
  4. Answer all correspondence as soon as you can.
  5. Work out who will pay what.
  6. Secure a guarantor before starting the tenant referencing process.
  7. Lastly, have your finances in order.

How can you fail tenant reference check?

This includes:

  1. Banking – Negative feedback usually means someone has been moving bank accounts too often which can be a sign of poor money management or credit problems.
  2. Affordability – If the tenant’s income is less than two and half times the rental amount they will usually fail referencing.

How do you politely reject a tenant application?

Prospective tenants could claim you are rejecting them based on discriminating reasons. To avoid this, you can always just say, “We’re sorry but we’ve rejected your application. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you.”

How do I check if im blacklisted?

How to check if you have been blacklisted?

  1. TransUnion. One of the largest credit bureaus in South Africa, Transunion have an SMS option to find out if you have been blacklisted.
  2. Experian. Another leading South African credit bureau, Experian, also offer you a free credit report every year.
  3. Compuscan.

How long does a tenant reference check take?

How long does tenant referencing take? Generally, tenant referencing should take no longer than 48 hours.

How do you say no to a tenant?

6 Tips For How To Say No To Tenants

  1. It Takes Practice. It may take some practice with saying no before you feel comfortable doing it in real life.
  2. You Don’t Have To Be Mean.
  3. Body Language Is Important.
  4. Don’t Apologize Too Much.
  5. Be Respectful.
  6. Explain Your Reason Clearly.