Will my child be an Australian citizen?

Will my child be an Australian citizen?

Parents are Australian citizens As soon as the baby is born, the parents may apply for an Australian passport in respect of the child. If both parents are permanent residents, the child will become an Australian citizen before they do.

Can New Zealand citizen sponsor family in Australia?

If you are an NZ citizen, you would generally receive a Special Category Subclass 444 Visa (or SCV) on arrival to Australia. They are also not able to sponsor relatives for permanent visas such as Partner or Parent visas.

Can you inherit Australian citizenship?

You can only inherit Australian citizenship through a parent, not a grandparent. To be eligible for Australian citizenship by descent: you must have been born outside Australia; and. at least one of your parents must have been an Australian citizen when you were born.

When does a child become a citizen of Australia?

Of course, children born to Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible NZ Citizens, acquire citizenship at birth. Children born to temporary residents here in Australia can be granted citizenship after 10 years of being “ordinarily resident” in Australia.

Can a New Zealand citizen become an Australian citizen?

This is why many New Zealand citizens do not apply for a permanent visa. However, an SCV is not always a direct pathway to Australian citizenship. What you need to do to become an Australian citizen depends on when you arrived in Australia:

Can a New Zealander have a baby in Australia?

Your baby will not be an Australian citizen if you are both in Australia on a non-protected SCV. If you were born in Australia, and at least one of your parents was an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident when you were born, you are an Australian citizen by birth.

How can I apply for New Zealand citizenship for my child?

If you don’t have some of the original documents you need, you will have to get them from the country you came from, before you apply for New Zealand citizenship for your child. You can contact your local embassy or ask a relative in that country for help.