8 flowers to grace your festive celebrations

8 flowers to grace your festive celebrations

8 flowers to grace your festive celebrations

Humans have created certain ideas to use the charm of flowers to their benefit. They often use it for making their accessories or jewellery and they also use it for decorating their house on special occasions and add vibrancy and beauty. Very often humans resort to picking flowers for decoration. You too can utilize the charm of flowers for decorating your house and gather truckloads of compliments from your guests by amazing them with the charm of flowers. Here is a list of eight fantastic flowers that can be utilised for bringing vibrancy to the decor of your festive celebrations. Let us have a look at them :


The white blooms of jasmine are very popular because of their fragrance and their look. These little flowers are often regarded as being dear to Lord Shiva and hence are used for worshipping and pleasing Lord Shiva. You can buy a bunch of jasmine for yourself. They can be used for decorating the house’s temple. You can even make garlands out of them and you also use them as hair accessories.


You can surprise your dear ones with a bouquet of orchids along with some gift hampers in order to wish your warm regards to your dear ones. Orchids are one of the most popular flowers to be used in bouquets. Thus, making them ideal for gifting. You too can surprise your loved ones through online flower delivery and amaze them with the beauty of orchids and their various shades. 


It would be impossible to forget the bright orange and yellow big blooms of marigolds while talking about celebrations. After all, most of our deities are worshipped by the sacred bloom of marigold. Marigold garlands are often used to adorn the idols of gods and goddesses. Thus, making them look even more beautiful. The best part about marigolds is that you can grow them in your garden as well and have an abundant supply of flowers throughout the year. 


If you want to add vibrant hues to your celebrations of a wedding reception, wedding ceremony, birthday party Or maybe theme party then you must go ahead with using the large flower heads of sunflowers. The bright yellow colour of sunflowers will definitely make everything look cheerful, vibrant and happy. Thereby adding more beauty to the decor of the venue. Also, it would be very unusual of you to think of decorating the venue with sunflowers because people often buy the flowers such as roses, lilies, carnations etc decorating the venue. So sunflowers would definitely be unique and beautiful. 


Roses must be attributed as magical because they can hold you spellbound. You may order roses online and make them a part of your celebrations, not just religious ceremonies, you can use the roses for your birthday parties and celebrations such as wedding celebrations, proposals, first-night decor as well. roses can also be used as gifts. you can buy a bouquet of roses and give them as a token of love to your dear ones. 


Chrysanthemums can be used for bringing a touch of beauty, elegance and sophistication to your celebrations. you may get chrysanthemums for your celebrations and use the various shades of the flower for decorating the venue in order to make it look absolutely stunning. Chrysanthemums are available in shades of white, pink, red, maroon, yellow, orange etc.


If you want to bring a lot of colours to your festive celebration or events like birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, kitty parties etc then you must bring the beautiful carnations into your house because they are so beautiful. These larger ruffled blooms will definitely add vibrancy to your celebrations. Thereby attracting everybody’s attention towards them and blessing you with lots of compliments for the choice of such beautiful flowers. 


Lilies are all about elegance and beauty. You must not forget to bring lilies to celebrate your happy occasions. They are also considered to be symbols of purity. Hence having them in your festive celebrations or pooja ceremony is good. Lilies are also associated with productivity and fertility, thus making them ideal for occasions related to birth that is why lilies are widely demanded at times of baby showers.

You may buy flowers in bulk so that no corner of your house remains untouched by the charm and magnificence of beautiful and fragrant flowers. Besides this, you may order artificial flowers as well so that you can use them time and again.