Can I go to Spain on holiday in June?

Can I go to Spain on holiday in June?

Spain’s tourism minister has said British holidaymakers will be allowed to travel to the country by June. Fernando Valdes Verelst confirmed on Tuesday that a digital health pass will be in place by the summer. “June will be the start of the recovery of tourism in Spain,” he said.

Is travel still restricted to Spain?

Travelers to Spain are not currently subject to any quarantine requirement unless directed by Spanish authorities upon arrival in Spain due to specific circumstances.

Is Spain open for tourist?

Is Spain open to U.S. tourists? Yes—After initially opening to vaccinated U.S. travelers on June 7, Spain placed the United States on its list of countries exempted from travel restrictions on June 28. Spain is now open to all Americans, whether or not they are vaccinated.

What is there to do in Spain in June?

Here are some of the best places to visit in Spain in June to kick start this summer month:

  • Alicante. Sea, sun and a high rocky peak make this place a major coastal destination in the country.
  • Barcelona.
  • Seville.
  • Cordoba.
  • Madrid.
  • Camino Trail.
  • Tapas.
  • Flamenco Lesson.

Can I visit Spain in June 2021?

US Visitors are to be welcome back to Europe from Monday 7th June 2021 with the Green Certificate system. The EU confirmed that American travellers may travel to the EU with valid certificates. This covers those travellers who are fully vaccinated with Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Will holidays to Spain go ahead in June 2021?

Spain has confirmed that it will allow British holidaymakers to travel to the country by June. Fernando Valdes Verelst, the Spanish tourism minister, said on Tuesday that a digital health pass will allow people to travel to the country for holidays this summer.

Is Spain on amber list?

Spain will for now remain on the amber list, meaning that fully vaccinated travelers may return from their Spanish holidays without the need to quarantine. Spain is a major vacation destination for British tourists, who accounted for over 20% of all arrivals in 2019.

Can I travel to Spain this summer?

Who Is Allowed to Travel to Spain This Summer? As such, Spain now allows entry for arrivals from these two countries without being required to present proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative COVID-19 test result.

What is the nicest part of Spain?

Best Places to Visit in Spain

  • Barcelona.
  • Seville.
  • Madrid.
  • Granada.
  • Mallorca.
  • Bilbao.
  • Ibiza.
  • Canary Islands.

What is the nicest city in Spain?

Easily one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, Granada is famous for its ancient Moorish Alhambra Palace and beautiful Eastern-style architecture.

Will Spain allow tourists this summer?

Spain will be ready to welcome back tourists from June, the country’s tourism minister has said – giving hope to many British holidaymakers. Spain – which welcomed 18 million Brits in 2019 – says a digital certificate scheme is currently being trialled with a view to a wider rollout in June.

Do I need a visa for Spain from UK 2021?

UPDATE: From January 1st 2021, European Union regime will no longer apply to UK citizens. From 1st January, British citizens travelling to Spain will not need a tourist visa for stays of less than 3 months in a period of 180 days (as before).

Are holidays to Spain going ahead?

The guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) currently advises against all but essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic Islands but excluding the Canary Islands, based on the current assessment of Covid-19 risks.

Can we go on holiday in June 2021?

12 April: Holidays in the UK can be taken, but only in self-catering accommodation with your own household. 21 June: All restrictions on socialising to be dropped, meaning you can take holidays with whomever you like – even in larger groups.

Is Greece still on amber list?

Mainland Spain, Greece and Italy have all remained on the amber list in the latest reshuffle.

What is amber list?

“Amber list” countries – which include the US and most of Europe – require unvaccinated adult arrivals to self-isolate at home for 10 days and pay for two PCR tests, one on day two and one on day eight.

Can I travel to Greece without quarantine?

Travellers who have the EU’s Covid-19 vaccine passport or who can show proof of two Covid-19 vaccinations at least 14 days before travel will also be able to enter Greece without quarantining. You must also complete a passenger locator form online at least 24 hours before your arrival in Greece.

Will Greece open to US tourists 2021?

Greece reopened its borders to tourists on June 15, 2020. It’s one of the countries open for tourism, and since May 15, 2021, tourist attractions have been open and international travel is allowed. All travelers must complete a Passenger Locator Form no later than 11:59 PM the day before arriving in Greece.

Is Spain on the amber list for travel?

Mainland Spain and the Canary Islands (including Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote) are on the amber travel list. Check the rules for returning home to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Can Indian travel to Spain now?

According to latest reports, Spain is planning to welcome travellers from India. Spain has already reopened its consular offices, so you could apply for a Spain visa if you wish to.

Can I travel to Spain from UK in June 2021?

Who Is Allowed to Travel to Spain This Summer? Travellers from most European Union and Schengen Area countries are allowed to enter Spain without being subject to the quarantine requirement as long as they have low infection rates.

Can students travel to Spain from India?

Do Indian nationals need a visa to travel to Spain? Yes. Spain is in both the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Area of European countries that have abolished border controls between each others’ borders, with Indians requiring a Schengen Visa or a long-stay work or study visa to travel to these.

Is Spain safe for Indian?

Spain is a tourist’s delight and its multiple facets are a big attraction but, taking cognizance of recent incidents in Barcelona, Indian citizens visiting Spain and particularly Barcelona are advised: i. Pick pocketing, theft of valuables including passports, pull-over scams on roadways are not uncommon.

Will Croatia allow tourists this summer?

All foreign travellers will be permitted entry to Croatia as long as they hold a vaccination certificate, provide a negative COVID-19 test result or prove that they have recovered from the virus. Croatia abruptly ended the tourist season last year as the COVID-19 measures were not being fully followed.

Can I travel to Gran Canaria coronavirus?

You can now go on holiday to Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Tenerife with us, and to La Palma from 29th July, and to Fuerteventura from 24th July. When you travel to an amber list country, you’re required to get tested for COVID-19 for re-entry into the UK.