Can you have someone live with you without being on the lease?

Can you have someone live with you without being on the lease?

Yes, someone can live with the tenant without being on the lease. However, it is important to distinguish the difference between a guest and a long-term guest.

How does rent work when moving out?

Answer: When a lease for a fixed term comes to an end, your obligation is to pay only the days that you continue to have the right to occupy the unit. Usually the landlord will prorate the rent for the days by calculating a daily rate.

What happens if I leave stuff in my apartment when I move out?

Anything left in the apartment after the move out date (barring a agreement otherwise with the management) should be considered abandoned. You can expect to lose at least some of your deposit to pay for having that stuff removed and disposed of. It could be given away, it may be thrown away, it might go in a burn pile.

Is it legal to charge rent before you move in?

There’s no limit on how much rent in advance a landlord can ask for but it’s illegal to disguise extra fees by calling it rent in advance. Your landlord can still charge you gas, electricity and water if they provide these.

Can you move out mid month?

Unlike many states, tenants in California can give notice in the middle of a month and move out in the middle of the following month. In that case, they pay prorated rent for that month.

Can I leave stuff in my house when I move?

According to California law, tenants must write the landlord and demand the property left in the rental unit within 18 days of moving out. It is legal for landlords to charge a reasonable fee for moving the personal items to a safe storage area and storing the items.

Do I have to clean the carpets when I move out?

If a tenant resides for less than a year then they are responsible for cleaning the carpet, but if they are there for more than a year then the owner is responsible. Once a tenant moves out there will be turnover work necessary.

Can I move my partner into my rented house?

Tenants should always ask permission to move a partner in, even if there is no specific clause prohibiting it in the tenancy agreement. It’s important to ensure this happens as it can affect the performance of the tenancy. To ensure that everyone involved is properly protected, the change may also affect the rent.

What happens if you move out in the middle of the month?

Some landlords may agree to prorate your rent when you vacate, but they are not legally required to do so. If you vacate in the middle of the month, your landlord may legally charge you for the entire month’s rent.

What items are not worth moving?

What Not To Pack When Moving

  • Clothing – It is easy to overdo it when it comes to packing clothes.
  • Bulky Items – DVDs and books take up a lot of space when packing, as do large electronic items like unused laptops/desktop computers, or DVD players.

Is there always a final walk through?

The short answer: No, a final walkthrough is not required by law. However, it is in your best interest to do a final walkthrough before closing. With a purchase this big, you have nothing to gain and a lot to lose.