Home theatre speakers – choose the right one that’s under your budget

Home theatre speakers – choose the right one that’s under your budget

Home theatre speakers

People do try hard to search for the best home theatre system, be it LG, JBL or Sony company home theatre. There are several reasons for doing so, but we believe many of them are mostly music lovers. They don’t want to settle with just average audio quality since the excellent viewing experience is not only about the superb picture quality, but somewhat it depends on the quality level of audio output. Let’s take a quick look at the best home theatre speaker prices and their features:


This Sony company home theatre system is an affordable 5.1 channel product that is ergonomically devised and effective in terms of audio output. This skillfully crafted blend of a subwoofer, soundbar, and a pair of satellite speakers can produce a 600W audio output. And guess what? It is compatible with both Bluetooth and NFC, which means you just need to tap on your smartphone to pair them with the soundbar and listen to your preferred tracks in top quality. The brilliant quality speakers deliver a true surround sound experience, enabling you to experience movies as you would in a cinema theatre.

Home theatre speaker price: ₹19,927


The price of this home theatre speaker does complete justice to its price tag. If you are looking for a 5.1 channel home theatre system, this affordable from Samsung can be a good fit for your needs. This speaker system utilises the superior Acoustic Beam technology that combines the audio output so that it appears like the sound is coming from multiple directions. It sports a subwoofer and a sleek soundbar, in which the latter produces a DTS: Virtual X sound output. One more impressive feature of the soundbar is that it is compatible with HDR 10+ content, which makes your purchase future-proof. Ultimately, it has a special Game Mode, which enhances the audio output of the up-firing speakers of the soundbar to deliver a good surround sound experience.

Home theatre speaker price: ₹27,127


Suppose you are planning for a set of affordable home theatre speakers for a big room. In that case, this Zebronics model can be an excellent option to consider, as it produces a tremendous audio output of 525W. The Zebronics speaker system comes with two satellite speakers, a wall-mountable soundbar, and a subwoofer. Thanks to these powerful speakers, you can install the system in an ideal manner, giving you an immersive theatre experience. Moreover, it comes bundled with multiple connectivity features like USB, Bluetooth, AUX, and Optical Input, allowing you to connect more than just your TV but also other devices.

Home theatre speaker price: ₹10,999

ONIX 5.1 OHT-301 Multimedia Speaker System 

This set of 5.1 channel speakers from ONIX comes in a classic design that you can get for your home without burning a hole in your pocket.

This home theatre system comprises a subwoofer and five satellite speakers that deliver an RMS output of 140W; this should be good enough for a large to medium-sized room. In terms of connectivity features, it comes bundled with options like SD cards, USB ports, TF card ports, FM, and Bluetooth. This feature enables you to connect multiple devices simultaneously and shift between the audio sources quickly. Finally, it has a glossy and urban finish, making it versatile and compatible with most modern interior decors.

Home theatre speaker price: ₹7,486

Numerous buyers intend to bring close to a theatre-like experience at the comfort of their home, and it is difficult without a good yet affordable home theatre system. We have compared various JBL, Creative, Philips and Sony company home theatre systems before compiling the above list. We have also considered the home theatre speakers prices before ranking them according to the price to performance ratio in this list.

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