How to choose a home medicine delivery app for yourself?

How to choose a home medicine delivery app for yourself?

You must have used several online medicine delivery apps, but have you found the one?

With the increase in online medicine delivery apps in India, choosing one app for yourself can be an exhausting task. 

Convenience, fast delivery, and cost-effectivity are some basic criteria to choose a suitable home medicine delivery app for yourself. Before choosing an online medicine delivery app, look for the benefits and drawbacks of buying from the app. 

How to choose a home medicine delivery app for yourself?

  • See if the app is convenient for everyone. A suitable app should be simple and easy to use by everyone, including the elderly, disabled persons, and less educated people.

One convenient app made for everyone’s Truemeds. The online medicine delivery app is easy to use. You can order medicines from the ease of your comfortable spot with Truemeds. 

  • Compare the prices of medicines on the app from other online medicine delivery apps. Many medicines may cost more than the original price on the app. This usually happens in local pharmacies because of the involvement of a middleman. 

Choose a home medicine delivery app like Truemeds. The app supplies medicines from drug manufacturers directly to its customers. Thus is cost-effective.

  • See if the home medicine delivery app is registered and sells government-approved medicines. If the app is not, it may be a fake online medicine delivery app selling expired, diluted, or fake medicines. 

A home medicine delivery app of Truemeds is registered by the registrar of companies (RoC-Kanpur) and sells only CDSCO approved and tested medicines. 

  • The online medicine delivery app should sell medicines with a valid prescription signed by a certified general practitioner. It is a crime to sell medicines without a valid prescription. 

A home medicine delivery app like Truemeds sells medicines with a valid prescription. The app follows all the guidelines of the government on selling drugs in India. 

  • See if there are more options of payment available on the app. An app needs to provide a cash-on-delivery option. In some cases, an online medicine delivery app may turn out to be a fraud, so make sure it has more options.

Truemeds provide a cash-on-delivery option for the convenience and trust of its customers.

  • See, the online medicine delivery app takes how many days to deliver ordered medicines safely. If the app takes more than 4 days, choose some other app.

The home medicine delivery app of Truemeds understands the urgency of medicines and delivers them safely within 48-72 hours.

  • Confirm if the app follows all the protocols of the government on delivering medicines during the covid-19. 

The executives of Truemeds follow all the protocols and deliver medicines fully sanitized at the doorstep with no direct contact. They wear masks all the time and sanitize themselves at regular intervals. 

  • An app should provide its customers competent customer service to resolve complaints.


The home medicine delivery app of Truemeds provides reliable customer support to its customers. Customer support helps people resolve their issues. Thus returns and refunds are easy with Truemeds!

In short, choose Truemeds, an app made for everyone!