How much money does Sutherland Global pay workers?

How much money does Sutherland Global pay workers?

Average annual salary in Sutherland Global Services is INR 4.2 lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 11.3k Sutherland Global Services salaries received from various employees of Sutherland Global Services.

How many employees work for Sutherland?

Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., Sutherland Global has 22,000 employees and operations in seven countries, including India, the Philippines, Canada, Mexico and Bulgaria.

Is Sutherland a good company?

Experience about Sutherland Management Overall, it is a good company, except a few things. Sutherland indeed encourages our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance and aims to provide a positive professional work experience, whether our folks are working on-site or working from home.

When did Sutherland journey begin?

Established in 1986, Sutherland Global Services is a global provider of business process and technology management services offering an integrated portfolio of analytics-driven back-office and customer facing solutions that support the entire customer lifecycle.

How many rounds of interview are there in Sutherland?

The recruitment process of Sutherland mainly consists of three rounds.

Who is the CEO of Sutherland Global Services?

Dilip R. Vellodi (1986–)

Who is the owner of Sutherland company?

Dilip Vellodi
Dilip Vellodi Dilip is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Sutherland.

What is Sutherland known for?

Edwin Sutherland, (born August 13, 1883, Gibbon, Nebraska, U.S.—died October 11, 1950, Bloomington, Indiana), American criminologist, best known for his development of the differential association theory of crime.

What company is Sutherland?

Sutherland Global Services Inc. operates as a digital transformation company. The Company rethinks and rebuilds processes for the digital age by combining the speed and insight of design thinking with the scale and accuracy of data analytics.

Who is the founder of Sutherland Global Services?

Dilip R. Vellodi

How big is Sutherland Global Services?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Jul 2021) 33,602 (+4%)
Website Visits (Apr 2021) 423.1 k
Cybersecurity rating C More

What is BPO job?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. This is a non-voice based BPO category. Front office outsourcing: Here the job is front office service oriented. The nature of the job is to provide customer related services and contact center services and inquiries. This is a voice-based BPO category.

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Why do you want to join Sutherland?

Easy to collaborate when troubleshooting issues for the client. It is a good company for beginners. Sutherland has lot of career opportunities. Like, if you haven’t finish your study and you wanted to continue, they’ll offer you to enrol and they’ll take care of you while working in their company.