What is EverGrain decking made of?

What is EverGrain decking made of?

EverGrain Composite Decking is made with an exclusive compression molding process that creates the true look of real wood with natural colors, random patterns, and unique grain beauty. A better manufacturing process makes for better deck boards. Stocked in Cape Cod Grey, Redwood (shown), and Weathered Wood.

Is EverGrain decking any good?

Composite decking has not been around nearly as long as other building materials, and EverGrain decking was one of the first brands to burst onto the scene. A product of Envision decking, EverGrain is still an excellent option for homeowners today.

Where is EverGrain decking made?

Lamar, MO
Evergrain composite decking is manufactured by Epoch Composite Products in Lamar, MO.

How do you clean EverGrain decking?

How to Clean Evergrain Decking

  1. Move any items off the deck before cleaning.
  2. Rinse the deck thoroughly with a garden hose, using a fan tipped nozzle.
  3. Fill a pump sprayer with multi-purpose deck cleaner, or mildew-removing deck cleaner if the deck has mildew growth.
  4. Spray the deck evenly with the cleaner.

How long do Composite decks last?

between 25 and 30 years
HOW LONG DOES PLASTIC DECKING LAST? Composite decking requires minimal upkeep and can last between 25 and 30 years. On average, plastic decking has a similar lifespan to composite decking and can last nearly 30 years.

Who makes Deckorators decking?

UFP Ventures II, Inc.
Deckorators composite decking, manufactured by UFP Ventures II, Inc., has been evaluated by ICC-ES to be code compliant with details listed under the PFS-TECO RR-0100 Evaluation Report (pdf – 1 MB).

How does fiberon compare to Trex?

Overall, Fiberon has more decking colours (31) and a more realistic wood appearance. Fiberon is more durable, taking more force to damage the decking compared to Trex. With the longest warranty between the two, if not even the among on wood composite decking. The two areas where Trex is better are Price and Traction.

What is IPE decking?

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is the finest quality wood decking material available. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is 8 times harder than California Redwood, and is guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives!

Can you jet wash decking?

Often a pressure-washer can effectively clean a deck with just plain water. However, a pressure washer can ruin your deck if it’s not used properly. If you use it with too much jet pressure or place the tip too close to the surface of your deck, you can deeply etch the wood and cause the fibers to splinter.

Can you pressure wash a Trex deck?

Trex high-performance decking (Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance and Trex Select) can be power washed. Use only a fan tip and up to a 3100 psi power washer to remove dirt and debris.

Is Deckorators decking scratch resistant?

Transcend has a more natural-looking wood pattern with more distinct grains and distinct colouring. Also, the more durable and scratch-resistant of Trex’s decking….Reasons to love mineral-based composite.

Deckorators [MBC] Decking Line Number of Colours Decking Profile
Frontier 2 Solid
Picture Frame 1 Solid

Which brand of composite decking is best?

8 Best Composite Decking Brands Reviewed

  1. Fiberon. Fiberon is a brand that specializes in composite decking materials.
  2. MoistureShield. MoistureShield has a great product that is definitely worthy of your attention.
  3. Cali Bamboo.
  4. Trex.
  5. Duralife.
  6. Lumberock.
  7. Envision.
  8. TimberTech (AZEK)

Which is cheaper Trex or azek?

There’s no getting around this one—Trex and Azek decking is significantly more expensive than traditional wood decking. Price out Azek decking vs Trex for an identical project, and you’ll quickly find Trex is the cheaper option, with Azek coming in at 2 to 3 times the cost, per linear board foot, of Trex.

Should I oil my ipe deck?

If you are oiling your Ipe deck to maintain its color and protect it from UV fading, we recommend that you oil your deck annually. However, if you live somewhere where the wood is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, you might want to do this more often.

How long will an ipe deck last?

Lifespan. Both ipe and mahogany have very long lifespans. They can range from 20-40+ years if deck owners take the proper care to maximize the deck’s life. However, this is all dependent on your substructure.

Is pressure washing a deck bad?

How often should you jet wash decking?

once a year
Frequency. Most home maintenance contractors recommend power washing your deck once a year. An annual wash will keep your deck in optimal condition, cutting down on accumulation of dirt, mildew, or algae growth.